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An American in Tanzania strides forward in her pre-school career

Friday, 6 May 2016

Far away from the UK, NEC has helped one woman qualify for a second career and start planning a business that will have an impact on a whole community. American citizen Keziah Mwanyika has her sights set on running her own pre-school and nursery in a small town in Tanzania where her husband’s parents come from... Read more

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Innovation for NEC A level science students

Thursday, 21 April 2016

In this blog we explore what NEC is working on to help our learners to achieve the practical endorsement. We have now formed a partnership with the Open Science Laboratory at the Open University giving us an innovative solution to the challenges of preparing for A level practical endorsement at a distance... Read more

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Why distance learning is a great way to gain a CMI management qualification

Friday, 8 April 2016

In a time when there is stiff competition for jobs, a qualification in management can help you to stand out from the crowd. But for many people, it’s just not practical to up and leave a perfectly good–and paid–job to spend money on studying. That’s where distance learning comes in... Read more

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Talking about educational opportunity

Friday, 12 February 2016

Yesterday, Prince Charles said he was pleased the valuable work of NEC has been recognised after all this time. We spoke briefly about the English historian Peter Laslett, not only a close associate of NEC’s founder Michael Young but also Prince Charles’ tutor when he was an undergraduate at Trinity College Cambridge... Read more

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