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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Five tips for exam day

A sign displaying the message 'silence, exams in progress' outside a college building

Today's blog is written by NEC exams expert Louise.

Students across the country are busy revising and making sure they’re ready for their exams. Exam time can be stressful and it’s easy to focus on revision and lose sight of the exam itself.

Over the years I’ve heard tips from many students and tutors about things that help toward making your exam run smoothly, these are my top five tips for exam day.

  1. Get a good night sleep the night before - no cramming.
    It may seem obvious, but it’s common to feel as though you should stay up late the night before your exam to get some extra revision in. This can do more harm than good and leave you tired and unable to focus during your exam.
  2. Make sure you have breakfast.
    When you’re focussed on your exam it’s easy to overlook things, like eating a good breakfast. Make sure you leave time to do this, even preparing it the night before if you’ll be pushed for time in the morning. A good, healthy breakfast will help to make sure you have the energy to get through your exam and let’s face it, nobody want their stomach to rumble loudly in an otherwise quiet exam hall!
  3. Pack your bag the night before and make sure you have more than one pen.
    Make sure you’ve got everything you need packed the night before your exam. Pens, directions, ID and anything else you are allowed to take into the exam. Your exam centre will make sure you are aware of what you need to bring with you.
  4. Make sure you know where you’re going.
    If you can, practice your journey, make sure you know your route. If you’re driving, make sure you’ve investigated parking and if you’re using public transport, make sure you know where you need to get on and off.
  5. Keep hydrated, plenty of water will help to keep you alert.
    Keeping hydrated will help you to stay alert in the exam. You’ll be allowed to take a bottle of water into the room with you too.

I hope these tips help you to prepare for exam day. From me and the rest of the NEC team, Good Luck!

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