Enhanced Service

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What is the Enhanced Service?

The Enhanced Service is an addition to our normal, high-quality support and is ideal for those who feel that extra structure will go a long way in their success. It was designed particularly with younger learners in mind, either being educated at home or through their school.

The purpose of the service is to help the learner achieve a grade to the best of their abilities by providing tools for parents or teachers to help them play an active part in the learning process and to guide the learner through the course in a personal, yet more structured manner.

Who is the Enhanced Service aimed at?

Our Enhanced Service is for anyone, but students who are under 18 are most likely to benefit from that extra support.

What is included in the Enhanced Service?

In addition to all of the features of an NEC course — of which we’re sure you’ll agree there are many — the Enhanced Service will include the following:

  • Agree with the parent or School and learner from the outset how and who to contact. E.g., all communication to go through the parent or direct to the student. Is email or telephone preferable?
  • Three week deadline to complete the introductory assignment and a personal learning plan.
  • Introductory discussion with the tutor to discuss and refine the personal learning plan.
  • Personal learning plan is monitored by the tutor and contact is made before an assignment is due and after submission to discuss.
  • NEC will contact the parent/school monthly with a progress report.
  • Student support team will be in touch on a regular basis.
  • Mid-course review report will be sent which includes progress, grades, concerns, areas for improvement and a predicted grade.
Are there additional services provided for the Enhanced Service and how much do they cost?

As well as the standard inclusive features for the Enhanced Service, we offer additional services that you can purchase such as ; past paper marking, revision tutorial, optional tutorial and an additional review. Please see below for our list of additional services:

  • Past paper marking - You can choose to add a past paper to be marked. All of our ‘Gold Star’ courses include one past paper as standard, so if you’d like more to be marked, then this service would be useful.
    Fee: £25
  • Revision Tutorial - You can choose either a one hour or 30 minute tutorial where the tutor will help you to structure your revision. The session will be tailored to your individual needs and led by the tutor.
    Fee: £30 for 30 minutes or £45 for 1 hour
  • Optional tutorial - As with the above, you can choose the duration and this will be useful if there is a particular area that requires additional attention. You can choose the subject of the tutorial.
    Fee: £30 for 30 minutes or £45 for 1 hour
  • Additional review - An additional review (or a first review if this is for a non Enhanced Service student) can be provided as per the mid-course review described within the Enhanced Service.
    Fee: £30
Why should I choose the service?

The flexibility of a distance learning course is ideal for many people, however we understand that sometimes more structure is needed, particularly with younger learners. Distance learning takes a lot of motivation and can be challenging for younger learners. In a face-to-face environment the teacher is there to provide this, and can easily track progress letting parents know as soon as any issues arise.

NEC has been working with learners of all ages for 50 years, and has used this experience along with a lot of research and a year long pilot to structure this new service. We think that the relationship between the student, parent and NEC is key to providing the best chance of success which is why this service has been developed. The service not only provides an enhanced level of support for the learner but also for the parent, helping them to take an active role in the learning process.

What are the benefits?
  • Pro-active contact from the tutor and NEC to spot and deal with any issues and possible sticking points before they arise and provide continued motivation.
  • Reminders when work is due in.
  • Flexibility for the parent to be involved as much or as little as they like with the programme.
  • The introductory discussion gives the learner/parent/guardian a chance to ask any questions.
  • More structure than a traditional distance learning course.
  • Flexibility to add on additional services if needed, such as exam paper marking in order to tailor the service to the family’s needs.
  • All of the usual benefits of an NEC course.
  • All tutors DBS checked
  • Can spread the cost interest free.
What does the Enhanced Service cost and how do I enrol?

The Enhanced Service costs £95 (in addition to the listed course fee) and includes all of the features as shown above, representing excellent value for money for extra support. You can add the Enhanced Service to one or more courses and the discount scale for home educators still applies.

You can enrol by post or on the telephone. If you are enrolling by post, please add the 'Enhanced Service' on the enrolment form. By telephone we will ask you if you would like to add the ‘Enhanced Service’. We cannot enrol students with the ‘Enhanced Service’ online at present, however, should you choose to enrol online, one of our course advisers will contact you to discuss this further.