Learning with NEC

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Distance learning is a method of learning that doesn’t require you to attend classes, stick to timetables and meet deadlines. It's a flexible type of learning, using a combination of different methods to deliver education without requiring you to go to a school or college.

Instead you study at home, or at work, in your own time. Some people have a regular time they devote to studying; others just work whenever they have a spare hour or two. Distance learning allows you to take control of your learning, working at a pace you're comfortable with and not being bound to deadlines.

When you study with NEC your course materials will be provided for you online through learn@nec. You'll be allocated a personal tutor who will mark your work and give you feedback. You complete your work in your own time and you’ll receive the same qualification you would in a school or college; it’s just the way of learning that’s different.

Learning with NEC has the following benefits:

  • Flexibility: study when you want, in a place and at a pace that suits you, with no classes to attend
  • Perfect for people working full-time, looking after families or caring for others
  • Anyone can enrol regardless of location, background or education
  • Enrol when you like, with no academic terms to adhere to
  • A period of support from a personal tutor and the student support team (18 months for a GCSE, 2 years for an A level)
  • Access to online resources.

For more information about what sets NEC apart from other providers, read our About page or have a look at the commitments we make to our learners.