Academics at several universities confirmed “the Brexit effect” was driving a boom in applications for both politics and international relations degrees.*

It is no surprise that since the 2016 Brexit referendum, and no doubt Donald Trump’s election in the US, there has been a general increase in people’s political awareness. In terms of education, this is translating into an increase in students opting to study politics at A level and undergraduate level. Our experience supports this national trend. At the beginning of October, the number of enrolments this year so far is inline with the amount of enrolments that we had throughout the entirety of 2018, meaning that by the end of the year, the number of enrolments will be more than last year.

Despite only a third of MPs in the House of Commons being female, we have seen that exactly half of our A level Politics students identify as female. Also following national trends is our age breakdown. Sian Griffiths’ article suggests that “for a generation who were unable to vote in the referendum – but will have to live with its consequences – they are showing more interest in politics than demonstrated by many of their parents or grandparents, who were eligible to vote”. Of course, being an inclusive online distance learning provider our students studying A level Politics range from 15 to 70 but the majority are between 16 and 19.

In an ever-changing political environment marred by accusations of fake news, media biases, and divisions, it is important to keep in sight the effect politics has on our everyday lives and the role that we play as individuals in a democracy. If you are interested in learning more about politics, find out more about our A level Politics course.


*Griffiths, S., ‘Chaos at Westminster, but more pupils see a future in politics’ in The Sunday Times. Available at https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/the-other-brexit-effect-more-pupils-see-a-future-in-politics-wxkspvgdg#. Last accessed 14th October 2019.

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