Developed in partnership with the Association for Art History, our A level History of Art course will be an interactive online course perfect for anyone interested in learning more about painting, sculpture and architecture throughout the ages.

This innovative and interactive online course will appeal to those fascinated by the visual arts. Studying famous works by artists including Picasso, Frida Kahlo and van Gogh, our A level History of Art course will help you to develop valuable skills in examining, analysing and discussing works of art from a broad range of periods, places, genres and themes, giving you access to the vocabulary and context of art.

Test your knowledge!


Congratulations! You have a good knowledge of art throughout the centuries and are ready to develop further on our A level History of Art course.

#1. Which of the following works is by Georgia O’Keefe?

#2. Andy Warhol is renowned for his screen-printed works of famous figures and objects. What is arguably one of his most well-known works?

#3. The above image is a section of which painting?

#4. In 2007, the above structure was destroyed by wind and rain. Who was the sculptor who made it?

#5. The above painting by Grant Wood is called….?

#6. The Bauhaus, an art and design school that led to a wider movement, celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2019. Which country was the movement founded?

#7. Winged Figure by Barbara Hepworth was created in which year?

#8. Which work is an example of Pre-Raphaelite art?

#9. Vincent van Gogh often painted outside and was aware that stray bugs and sand particles often got trapped in his paintings. What did a conservator find in his painting ‘Olive Trees’?

#10. Van Gogh’s works are an example of which artistic style?


When can you enrol?

The course is now available to enrol! Visit the course page to learn more.

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