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Welcome to NEC's results day information page!

We would like to wish everyone expecting their results this year the best of luck. Remember not to panic, whatever happens.

If you're an NEC learner and collecting your results, send us your messages, reactions, and photos to let us know how things went, and we will share them on social media!

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Exceptional results for exceptional students

Most, but not all, of the exam results are in but we have a good picture emerging. We are particularly proud of the results for the new 9-1 GCSE English Language, NEC students who sat at a partnership exam centre had a 100% pass rate and 33% achieved the top grades of 9-7 (national average 14.9%).

All our IGCSE students who sat at a partnership exam centre, with the exception of maths, achieved 100% pass rate (for maths it was 95%) and in history an incredible 75% achieved an A* or an A.

A similar pass rate applies to GCSE results for students who sat at a partnership exam centre, with 100% pass for psychology and sociology. 40% of our psychology students achieved A* or A (compared to the national average of 20.8%) and 33% of our law students achieved A* or A.

100% pass rates also were achieved by our students at our partnership exam centres for both the new spec A levels in sociology, history and English language and for the legacy A levels in accounting, biology, English literature, history and psychology. We are especially proud of the A level french students who achieved 12.5% A* or A (national average 11.31%), chemistry students who achieved 12.5% A* or A (national average 11.1%) and English literature students who achieved 30% A* or A (national average 21.3%).

Everyone in education acknowledges 2017 as a particularly challenging year for GCSE and A level students, with some of them having to rush to take the last exams in legacy subjects and others taking the new reformed specifications for the first time.

All of us at NEC are proud of our exceptional students and wish them all the best for the future.


Frequently asked questions

How will I receive my results?
This depends on where you sat your exams and what subjects you took.
NEC make exam entries for GCSE English Language (without the endorsement), A Level Science (without the endorsement), A Level French (where the orals were sat at NEC), A Level English Language, English Literature and History. The results for these subjects will be e-mailed out to you directly by NEC.
If you entered through one of our partnership exam centres, your results will also be e-mailed out to you. If you sat your exams through a private centre, you will need to check directly with them as to how they distribute results.

I haven’t done as well as I expected in my exams. What can I do?
There are a number of post-result services available. Your entering centre will be able to provide you with further information and will process any requests for you.

I want to re-sit some or all of my exams. How do I do this?
For some subjects, the government's reforms will mean there is no re-sit opportunity under the current specification and you will instead need to sit an exam under a new specification for that subject. If you are studying one of these subjects with NEC, you will have been informed in advance of these changes.
For all other subjects, the next available opportunity to sit A level or GCSE exams at an NEC partnership exam centre will be Summer 2018. For some IGCSE subjects there is also an exam session in January 2018. If you wish to re-sit a new specification A Level, you will have to re-sit all units as these qualifications are now linear. You will need to register for the next session using the exam entry form which can be downloaded from learn@nec in September, or enquire at a private centre independently.

I have individual unit marks, but no overall grade. What should I do?
Check for a cash-in code on your statement of entry. If there isn't one, cash-in may not have been applied for. Cash-in can be applied for retrospectively from your exam centre and once entered you can expect an overall grade in one week.

What is the pass mark?
A level passes range from grades A* to E, and GCSE/IGCSE passes range from grades A* to G, otherwise a U will be given. For the new specification GCSEs such as Maths or English Language and English Literature, these will be graded 1-9 with 9 being the highest grade available, and 4-5 being a pass or a strong pass mark.

My mark has a hash symbol next to it; what does this mean?
This indicates an incomplete result. You may already be aware of this if you missed a unit, but if not this indicates a problem and you should contact your exam centre.

When will I receive my certificate?
NEC students who sat through our partnership exam centres will usually receive their certificates in November following the release of results in August. Certificates will be sent out by recorded delivery.


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