To help you get the best results from your study, we offer a range additional services that can be purchased separately.

Past paper marking

You can choose to add a past paper to be marked. Our A level and AS level courses include one past paper as standard, so if you’d like more to be marked, then this service would be useful.

The fee is £30.

Revision tutorial

If you’d like help to plan and manage your revision timetable before taking your exams, you can choose either a one hour or 30 minute tutorial, designed to help you to structure your revision. The session will be tailored to your individual needs and led by the tutor.

Revision tutorials cost £30 for 30 minutes or £45 for one hour.

Optional tutorial

As with the above, you can choose the duration and this will be useful if there is a particular area that requires additional attention. You can choose the subject of the tutorial.

Optional tutorials cost £30 for 30 minutes or £45 for one hour.

Additional review

An additional review can be provided on your progress to date.

The fee for a Review is £30.

UCAS Application Service

NEC offer two services to support you in your UCAS application.

Our basic service offers a general reference. This level does not include specific comments from your tutor about your performance on the course. We can submit these to UCAS if you are applying as an independent candidate, or send them to your chosen referee for incorporation into their reference. The fee for this service is £50.

Our premium service offers predicted grades and a more detailed reference with comments from your tutor on your performance so far. In addition we will provide you with support for your personal statement, and you will be able to apply using NEC as your UCAS centre. This will allow us to give you improved guidance if you have any problems with the UCAS system. The fee for this service is £80.