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At NEC, we understand the diverse needs of schools and students alike. That's why we're excited to introduce our comprehensive support services designed specifically for schools.

Welcome to the National Extension College (NEC) School Support Services

Since 1963, NEC has been dedicated to providing educational opportunities for individuals who may have missed out on traditional learning pathways. As a not-for-profit charity, our mission to offer second chance solutions remains as relevant today as it was then.

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Here's how NEC can help your institution

NEC can offer your school a tailored support package. All our course materials are designed by subject matter experts, and all NEC online courses lead to qualifications from the major UK exam boards.

By partnering with NEC, you can:

  • Challenge gifted and talented students.
  • Support students struggling with regular attendance due to complex issues or long-term illnesses.
  • Accommodate neurodiverse students with alternative learning methods.
  • Broaden subject offerings, including psychology, philosophy, astronomy, and politics.
  • Offer an additional modern language.
  • Offer courses to meet student demand, such as GCSE Computer Science or Level 2 Programming for Beginners with Python.
  • Resolve timetable conflicts and address staff shortages.
  • Complete essential GCSEs, such as English and maths.
  • Develop independent study skills crucial for higher education and employment.

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Special Offer

Enrol 5 students in our 'Level 2 Programming with Python' course for free!* Expand your curriculum with minimal cost.

(*£60 certification fee per student applies.)

Student story

When Kathryn Tompsett discovered her school's sixth form didn't offer A-level psychology, she turned to NEC. Despite initial concerns about balancing distance learning with her other classroom-based courses, teaching herself a new subject, and being the only psychology student in her school.

Kathryn's worries were soon put to rest. "I needn’t have worried," she reflects. "My school was very supportive, and the NEC course was straightforward, requiring no prior knowledge of psychology." She adapted well to the independent study format, appreciating the autonomy it provided. The feedback from her NEC tutor was particularly valuable, offering encouraging, supportive, and constructive insights. This support and flexibility enabled Kathryn to successfully integrate her A-level psychology studies with her existing educational commitments, demonstrating the effectiveness of NEC’s approach to distance learning.

Courses available

Tutor support

At NEC, our tutors are more than educators—they're mentors dedicated to your students' growth. With vast experience and online teaching skills, they offer excellent support, marking assignments thoroughly and providing insightful feedback. All tutors are qualified teachers and many are examiners, all are QTS and DBS checked.

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What our schools say

"We have been impressed with the service we have had from NEC since using them for the first time this year to enable us to offer A level Spanish. The team are very responsive to any questions, the support of students seems to be strong and they are very willing to provide a bespoke service to suit our needs."

Paul Jackson - Headteacher

Specialist music school, UK

Flexible learning

Our courses are designed to be flexible, allowing students to study at their own pace and convenience. Whether at school, home, or on the move, students can access their courses online, fitting study around existing commitments and your own school timetable.

Your students will receive:

  • Meticulously crafted course materials designed to lead them through subjects, tailored for independent study.
  • Dedicated personal tutors, providing guidance throughout the course, assessing assignments, and offering valuable feedback.
  • Online access to course materials, featuring interactive forums for students to engage with peers enrolled in the same course.
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UK Schools

Download our Schools Guide for UK institutions.

Additional support offered by NEC

  • Exams and Non-Exam Assessments (NEA):
    NEC can support schools by offering students a place at one of our partnership exam centres. As an exam board accredited centre, NEC is able to assess and validate coursework through our exams services. Additionally, we provide suitable venues to facilitate these endorsements.
  • Support for UCAS Applications:
    As a UCAS centre, NEC offers specialised support for UCAS applications, including predicted grades, references, and personal statement reviews.

Partner with NEC and let’s unlock the full potential of education together.

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Frequently asked questions

Do schools have any oversight of the course content and how the students are progressing?

Stay updated on student progress through our Pupil Progress Tracker.

Can NEC provide support and guidance for UCAS for additional subjects studied via NEC?

NEC provides a range of UCAS services, ensuring comprehensive support for students. These services include:

  • Confirmation of Predicted Grades: Offering assurance to both students and schools regarding predicted grades, crucial for the UCAS application process.
  • Academic Comments from Course Tutors: Insightful feedback from our experienced tutors to strengthen students' academic profiles and applications.
  • Personal Statement Reviews: Expert review and refinement of personal statements, enhancing students' chances of securing admission to their desired institutions. Explore options for 'live' tuition for individuals or groups of students.

If you are interested in this service, please let us know so that we can offer the right package for your school.

Can NEC provide 'live' tuition?

NEC can provide 'live' tuition for individuals and groups of students to cater for your schools and students’ individual needs. Let us know what level of tuition you need and we can tailor a package to help support your school.

Can our students complete an A level in a year?

Yes! At NEC we offer a selection of A levels designed to be studied in a year, we refer to these as Structured Fast Track A level; a full list of these subjects can be found here: We would be more than happy to explain in further detail how these work, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with a member of our team.

How can NEC support apprenticeships?

NEC supports apprenticeships by offering Functional Skills Level 1 & 2 courses, as well as GCSE Maths and English, to help apprentices meet the essential skills requirements needed for their programmes.

Do you offer courses for teachers?

Yes, we offer courses for teachers too! Teachers aiming to expand their qualifications or teach at a higher level can enrol in courses to gain additional skills. For instance, a teacher currently teaching GCSE Biology can take a course to prepare for teaching A Level Biology.

Explore our course options here or get in contact with a member of our team to discuss your requirements.

Flexible solutions to support you and your students. Ready to take the next step?

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