How can NEC help international schools?

National Extension College (NEC) is a long-standing independent educational charity and part of the Open School Trust in the UK. NEC seeks to widen learning opportunities for learners who want flexible delivery of excellent and innovative courses.

In recent years GCSEs and A levels have become a benchmark for students wanting access into UK tertiary opportunities. NEC is here to help.

We are accredited by Pearson Edexcel, Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), AQA and OCR.

For students studying outside the UK we suggest Pearson Edexcel and CAIE curriculums as these can be assessed in your home country. NEC partners with Tutors and Exams, an international examination specialist. They will help facilitate examinations for your students - stress free!

What our schools say

"We have been impressed with the service we have had from NEC since using them for the first time this year to enable us to offer A level Spanish. The team are very responsive to any questions, the support of students seems to be strong and they are very willing to provide a bespoke service to suit our needs."

Paul Jackson - Headteacher

Specialist music school, UK