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NEC offers some of the best distance learning A levels available. Our 55-plus years’ experience and track record of higher than average grades gives you the confidence that we can help you get your best results.

With a wide range of popular A level subjects for you to choose from, you can select those that best support where you want to go next – whether that’s getting into your chosen university or moving on with your career.

Whatever the reason you’re choosing home study courses, you can trust NEC’s 55-plus years' of experience to support you.

Thinking about retaking your A levels?

There is nothing quite as soul destroying as not achieving the grade you hope for on A level results day. It is important, however, not to let this disappointment stop you fulfilling your dreams.

NEC's free and complete guide to retaking your A levels gives you all the information you need, whether you got your results this year or stopped studying a while ago.

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Why are A levels so important?

A levels are important qualifications because they open up new opportunities for you. You’ll need the right A level subjects to get a place to study an undergraduate degree (even if you’re being sponsored by your employer), or to take a degree apprenticeship, higher apprenticeship, advanced apprenticeship and traineeship.

A levels are internationally recognised qualifications, so they can also open up career or further study opportunities outside the UK, giving you access to a whole world of learning.

Studying A levels with NEC

A levels are academic courses which involve you in intensive independent reading, thinking and essay writing. It’s important to choose subjects that you enjoy and are interested in, as students who choose subjects they enjoy tend to get the most out of their study experience. 
With NEC’s flexible online A level courses, you study at a time and pace to suit you. All our A level courses are written by experienced teachers and examiners, and meet the latest specifications from  the internationally recognised and respected awarding bodies: AQA, Pearson Edexcel and OCR.

When you become an NEC student, you’ll be supported by a personal tutor. All our tutors are subject specialists with a teaching qualification. You’ll also be able to call on the expertise of our dedicated student support team, by email or on the phone.

NEC are experts in online distance learning A levels

Over the last 55-plus years, thousands of adults and young people across the UK and beyond have gained life-changing qualifications by studying A levels with NEC. What matters most to us is the success of our students, so we offer all the support you need, combined with total flexibility to learn the way you want to. We’re so confident in our expertise that we offer all students our exam pass guarantee.

Courses designed for online distance learning

NEC are innovators in distance learning, and all our courses are designed specifically for independent learners. You’ll access all your high quality course materials on learn@nec, our easy-to-use online learning platform, and your personal tutor will be there to help you succeed, commenting on your course assignments and preparing you for your exams.

We’ll provide all the course materials you need, and optional extra study guides are available to help you develop better study skills. The only essentials you need to provide are an internet connection, a sufficient standard of English to be able to understand the subject materials, and a drive to succeed!

Join an online learning community

Studying independently doesn’t have to mean studying alone. When you enrol to study online A levels with NEC, as well as having access to your personal tutor and dedicated student support team, you’ll become part of a friendly national and international online learning community. So wherever you’re studying from – whether at home in the UK or abroad, or on an overseas posting in the Forces – you’ll be in good company.

A level results success

“It was very important to me to be able to work very quickly through the curriculum - I did 4 A levels in one year rather than two -  and NEC made this possible.”

Ella, achieved 4 A*s in a year

A level results success

"I was particularly impressed by the prompt and detailed feedback from my tutor, which really helped me to develop my essay writing skills. I’m really looking forward to starting study at the University of Warwick in Global Sustainable Development."

Sophie, achieved an A* in A level Politics

A level results success

"I picked NEC as I work full time so needed a flexible way of studying, and also because they could guarantee a place to take my exams. This was vital for me because Spanish A level includes an oral exam which would be difficult to arrange privately."

Clare, 35, achieved an A* in A level Spanish