Our flexible GCSE, A level and professional qualifications in areas such as childcare and management open up futures for individuals of all ages, from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Whatever your situation, our priority is to understand how we can help you achieve your full potential.

Every year thousands of NEC students successfully complete their courses, working through our courses at their own pace, supported and inspired by our experienced tutors.

We support career progression

From waitress to midwife

Lottie Blunden

Lottie, a single parent of four, returned to study science after a 25-year-gap with the NEC to access a degree in Midwifery. She highlights how our flexible approach enabled her to combine study with a busy family and working life.

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Fast-tracking French

Alison Gentleman

Alison, a manager at Wateraid, opted to use the fast-track service to study A level French. By combining study with a demanding career, she successfully completed a two-year course in nine months.

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Supporting young people’s mental health

Andrew Greenwood

Andrew reflects on how our GCSE science course re-ignited his interest in psychology. He also explains how his distance learning experience transformed his approach to learning.

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How an A level with NEC led to an academic career

Chris Holligan

Chris is a Professor of Education at the University of the West of Scotland. His life changed dramatically after discovering the National Extension College in the early 1970s. 

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We support personal goals

High-achiever in four A levels with NEC moves on to the University of Edinburgh

Timofei Averkiev

Timofei achieved highly in four A levels with NEC and is moving on to study mathematics and physics at the University of Edinburgh.

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Distance learning success leads to University of Cambridge

Laura Chilver

Timofei achieved highly in four A levels with NEC and is moving on to study mathematics and physics at the University of Edinburgh.

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Conquering mathematics

Victoria Foster

Victoria reflects gaining her GCSE Mathematics qualification later in life. A personal achievement that has also enhanced her role as a senior manager in childcare.

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Top grades in GCSEs for mature student lead to Open University degree

Belinda Haughton

Belinda achieved top grades in GCSEs as a mature student. She is going to study a science degree with the Open University. 

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GCSEs after leaving school for medical reasons

Rebecca Howard

Rebecca reflects on her GCSE experience with NEC after leaving school for medical reasons.

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From GCSEs with NEC to a Psychology Access to Higher Education Course

Laura Howard

Laura reflects on her GCSE experience with NEC after leaving school for medical reasons. After her GCSEs, she pursued a Psychology Access to Higher Education course.

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Excelling in English to study at Cambridge

Miranda Stocks

Miranda describes her experience on our A level English and Classical Civilisation courses, including how our in-depth, responsive tutor support exceeded her expectations of distance learning.

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We support home educators

Home education: a parent’s experience

Linda Baldwin

Linda recalls her positive experience of home schooling her son, who studied GCSE mathematics with us, alongside working towards A levels in psychology, sociology and law.

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Well prepared for university

Kathryn Corrall

Kathryn outlines how our courses were key to her home education experience. She also reflects on how distance learning has prepared her to embrace her long-held dream of studying English at university.

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The road to Cambridge University and beyond!

Elliot Stevens

Elliot describes his experience of studying our GCSE and A level courses as a home educated student – including the positive impact our expert tutors had on his education.

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We support the armed forces

Engineering a bright future

Robert Coleman

Robert explains how studying A levels in Mathematics and Physics whilst stationed overseas with the RAF opened up his ambition to gain a degree in Engineering.

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Deployment learning

Mark Ward

Mark describes how our A level English course combined easily with the demands of his role as a serviceman in the RAF.

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We support schools

Broadening A level choice

Kathryn Tompsett

Kathryn was keen to pursue her interest in psychology – but her local college didn’t offer this subject as an A level option. She explains how opting for our A level Psychology course proved to be just the answer.

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