Students are the heart of what we do

Our students all have different stories and come from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. Here are just a few of the positive words they had to share:

"I have finished my A Level studies with NEC, and I am so glad I chose this college. The tutors were always friendly and their feedback was immensely useful. Whenever I had an enquiry, they were quick to respond and very helpful." - humairaa

"With A level Literature, I would put the non examination assessment as the first task. As soon as you read about the course, start your NEA by choosing your 2 texts to compare and start reading/ making notes. The more work you do on this, the better your final result will be." - Carolyne

"I retook my GCSE English, Maths, Biology and Chemistry through the NEC. I found the NEC resources good, but also chose to purchase the CGP & exam board specific texts recommended in the NEC material. When I reached out to my tutors the support was great, my assignments were returned swiftly and with helpful comment." - AP

"Course materials are comprehensive and easy to follow, plenty of support when needed and always engaging." - Patrick

"My daughter recently completed A Level Classical Civilisation with NEC. The course is structured so that students can complete it at their own pace and she found all the resources clear. I was impressed by the quality of feedback she received from her tutor (I am a teacher). The feedback enabled her to make progress. She says that there was a lot more support available from her tutor that she didn't make use of - but she was glad it was there. " - Kate

"My tutors were brilliant, they provided detailed feedbacks on every assignment and answered my questions promptly. The other NEC staffs were also very supportive and friendly. NEC guided me through UCAS submission and exams booking. Now I've completed A level courses and will study at my dream university this September. NEC, thank you!" - Yue

"Extremely easy process. The staff kept me informed of relative information and were prompt in their response to any questions I had." - Lesley

"I would like to thank the team of NEC for being so helpful in all aspects since my daughter enrolment and her experience throughout her Spanish A Level. I highly recommend NEC as an option to grow academically and personally." - Anunziata

Andrew Replacement Photo Cropped

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Andrew Replacement Photo Cropped

Andrew’s experience: How homeschooling helps balance education and family commitments

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