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AS level Business

Study AS level Business online with NEC and realise your dreams to become a successful entrepreneur, manager - or to simply study a subject that opens doors.

Unlock your inner entrepreneur, and uncover all you’ll ever need to know about the world of business through our engaging and hugely-popular AS level Business online course.

A level business studies provides a solid foundation for further study and is the perfect next step for anyone wanting to make it big in business. For budding entrepreneurs, future innovators or those already pursuing a career in business, studying AS level Business enables you to enhance and demonstrate your skills.

Through relevant topics such as the business environment, marketing, operations and ethics and developing your skills in decision-making and problem-solving, this course will provide the business acumen you need to help you secure the results you are striving for in your future career.

Why study Business?

Our AS level Business online course will not only provide you with high-quality course materials, it will also help you to become a mover and shaker in the world of business. It’s the perfect course for you if you:

  • Are keen to take your career further, and are keen to develop your knowledge on how business works.
  • Are interested in setting up your own business.
  • Want to explore a wide variety of applications and industries.
  • Are keen to prove to future employers you possess sound reasoning and leadership skills, an analytical approach and can be innovative and agile in a range of contexts.

Future opportunities

  • Studying business at degree or higher level.
  • Strengthen your position to pursue a career in a wide range of professions including management, marketing, finance, accounting, banking, retailing, manufacturing and local government.

Course content

Section 1: What is business?

  • The nature and purpose of business
  • Different business forms
  • The external environment

Section 2: Management

  • Management, leadership and decision-making
  • Management decision-making
  • Role and importance of stakeholders

Section 3: Marketing performance

  • Setting marketing objectives
  • Understanding markets and customers
  • Making marketing decisions
  • Using the marketing mix
  • Influences on the marketing mix

Section 4: Operational performance

  • Setting operational objectives
  • Analysing operational performance
  • Increasing efficiency and productivity
  • Improving quality
  • Managing inventory and supply chains

Section 5: Setting financial objectives

  • Setting financial objectives
  • Analysing financial performance
  • Making financial decisions

Section 6: Human resource performance

  • Setting human resource objectives
  • Analysing HR performance
  • Organisational design
  • Improving motivation and engagement
  • Improving employer-employee relations

Study AS level Business with us and benefit from:

  • Flexible learning
  • Support from a personal tutor by email, phone or Skype
  • Any time enrolment
  • Our exam booking service
  • Assignments with tutor feedback
  • Ongoing support from Student Support
  • Forums to discuss your course with other students


Choose when and where you access your course, using learn@nec our 24/7 learning platform.

This easy-to-use learning platform includes interactive checkpoints, quizzes and activities to help you evaluate your progress.

Your tutor

You’ll have access to support from a personal tutor. All NEC tutors are subject experts, with experience of supporting online learners.

Meet Linda who is just one of our first-class business tutors:

“I am passionate about business, both from an academic and practical point of view. I have been since I was the MD of a Young Enterprise company when I was 17. Since then I have had many jobs in industry, have helped many charities, and more recently taught the subject. I have been in the classroom for over 10 years, but also continue to support many small and new businesses to prosper. I believe that detailed feedback and encouragement to improve in small steps is the way to achieve educational potential which is the appeal of 1:1 online tutoring. My qualifications include a BSc in Business Studies, MA in Organisational Behaviour, PCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) and the graduate diplomas from several professional bodies, including the Institute of Marketing.”

What you need to know

Exam board

  • AQA 7132


  • Online learning with support from a personal tutor


  • Complete at your own pace
  • Approx. 120-150* hours plus time for completing assignments

*The specification suggests that 150 hours is needed. You’ll also need time to complete assignments and prepare yourself for exams and some courses like English literature involve a lot of reading.  Everyone is different so it’s impossible to say with certainty how long a course will take you, but you should expect to spend longer than 150 hours. Taken across the length of time we recommend, this equates to approximately 4 hours per week. This will increase if you choose to take it over a shorter time frame or may be less if you are retaking a subject and have covered a lot of of the course content.


  • 7 assignments (one introductory) – these do not contribute towards your final grade


  • Set textbooks – included as a free ebook with your course: AQA A level Business for AS, I Marcousé, A Hammond and N Watson, Hodder Education, 2015


  • Maths Skills for A level Business Studies, D Mansell, Oxford University Press, 2014
  • Internet access
  • Computer operating system and browser to support learn@nec

What's included?

Our course fees are open and honest to help you plan for any additional costs.

Your course fee includes:

  • Access to learn@nec
  • All the course materials you need to complete the course
  • Support from a personal tutor for up to 24 months from your date of enrolment
  • Assignment marking
  • Marking for one past paper
  • Guaranteed exam place
  • free e-book version of the essential textbooks
  • NEC’s guide to study skills: How to Succeed as an Independent Learner
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar guide
  • Time planner to help you plan your study timetable
  • Information on how to apply for exams

Your course fee does not cover:

  • Exam entry fees
  • Additional textbook

Optional extras:

  • Additional past paper marking
  • Revision tutorial
  • Optional tutorial
  • Additional review

Exams and assessment

Two exams:

  • 1 hour 30 minutes, 50% of marks
  • 1 hour 30 minutes, 50% of marks

Non-exam assessment (NEA):

  • None

Additional support if you’re under 18

We know that our younger students often need an extra helping hand with their studies. In our experience learning online works best when either a parent or guardian are involved. This is why NEC has developed our unique Progress Tracker to help you to support your child.

NEC’s Progress Tracker will allow you to easily track your child’s progress across their subjects and gain insight to how well they are doing through access to their assignment grades and tutor feedback.  

Read more about how we work with young students who are studying at home or through a school.

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