There are many reasons why studying politics is beneficial to students. With talk around general elections, it’s no wonder that politics is a common topic of discussion. Without much knowledge of what’s involved, it can be difficult to feel included and be able to express your views successfully.

Whether you are considering a career in politics or simply wish to understand the political landscape better, studying politics can open a number of new doors for you. In this post, we will explore the reasons to consider studying politics and the benefits it can equip you with.

What Are the Benefits of Studying Politics?

One huge benefit of studying politics is the development of your critical thinking skills. Engaging with political discussions requires analytical skills which will help you evaluate complex scenarios and propose possible solutions to political issues. 

Studying politics also:

  • Develops your understanding of global affairs.
  • Provides you with a better understanding of how different countries operate.
  • Enhances your knowledge of policies, and international level impact.

Politics also involves a lot of debates, discussions, and presentations which means your communication skills will naturally develop. Political activities like these will help you express your thoughts clearly, a skill that is highly valued in many professions.

What Do You Need for a Career in Politics?

Education, skills, and experience are incredibly important and expected in order to work within the political industry. 

Achieving good grades in relevant GCSE and A level subjects are essential. It’s beneficial to develop skills such as confidence in negotiation, public speaking, and a good understanding of political systems.

Some additional desirables include:

  • Taking extracurricular activities such as joining a debate club or volunteering in community projects.
  • Gaining work experience through internships in governmental or political offices.

“An understanding of politics is central to knowledge of how modern societies are organised and governed.”The Open University

What Careers are there in Politics?

The politics industry is large and offers a wide variety of career opportunities. Some of the most known careers in politics include:

  1. Politician: Involving representing the public whilst making decisions on legislation.
  2. Campaign Manager: Helping oversee political campaigns.
  3. Political Analyst: Research political systems and policies.
  4. Civil Servant: Working within government departments and helping implement policies.
  5. Public Affairs Consultant: Advising organisations on political strategy.

Each of these roles requires a deep understanding of political terms and strong analytical and communication skills.

What GCSEs Will Help You Study Politics at University?

To prepare for studying a politics degree at university, it is encouraged to focus on GCSE subjects that will help develop both your analytical and communication skills. 

Key subjects include:

  • History
  • English
  • Geography
  • Modern Foreign Languages

These subjects will help you provide valuable insights from historical events, develop strong written and verbal skills, learn about different regions and their political stances. You’ll develop strong written and verbal skills and enhance your ability to engage with people from different backgrounds.

The National Extension College deserves five stars because it excelled in all areas. The registration for my course was completed without difficulty. Information on the course and how to contact my tutor was clear and helpful.” – Theta, NEC Student

What A levels Will Help You Study Politics at University?

Choosing the right A levels can have a large impact on your success when applying for a university level politics course. 

Subjects that are particularly beneficial include:

  • Politics
  • History
  • Economics
  • Philosophy

“I have looked at several distance learning colleges and the NEC courses – in my case A level Philosophy – are superbly and clearly written making education what it always should be — enlightening and fun!” – David, NEC Student

By choosing to study these subjects, you will be better prepared to tackle the challenges of a politics degree and show universities that you are serious about the political field.

What Does NEC’s A level Politics Course Cover?

If you are considering studying politics and are looking for a course that fits around your schedule, NEC’s A level politics course could be for you. 

Throughout this distance learning course, you will learn a number of exciting political topics including:

  • Democracy and political parties
  • Elections and voting behaviour
  • The Constitution and Parliament
  • The Executive and relations between institutions
  • Conservatism and liberalism
  • US Constitution and Congress
  • The US President and Supreme Court
  • Democracy and participation in the US
  • Comparative approaches

NEC’s politics tutor, Ben Williams says:

Politics is an exciting and dynamic subject that has grown in popularity over recent years. It has both domestic and global significance, and growing interest in the subject can be linked to issues and factors like Brexit, the pandemic, Donald Trump’s controversial presidency and the war in Ukraine.

Studying it at A level will help you understand the world around you much better, and in particular how key political bodies and institutions work and function. You may have your own personal opinions, but the key skill is to be able to understand all sides of any political argument or issue.

The subject will also serve to develop your skills in research and writing, as well as improving your capacity for argument and judgement.

All such skills are excellent preparation for moving onto university study, and eventually for a whole range of jobs and professions. Ultimately, a greater degree of political knowledge makes us all better citizens and well-informed voters.”


Whether you see yourself as a future politician or just want to feel well-informed when going to vote, there’s no denying the benefits studying politics can give you.

If you’re passionate about making a difference and would like to know more about how you can study politics, take a look at our A level Politics course today. 

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