A levels alongside full-time performing arts college leads to nursing at University of Southampton Wednesday, 11 August 2021

With a part-time job and studying full-time at her local performing arts college, Kayleigh found that distance learning with NEC fit around her other commitments. Structured Fast Track A level Biology gave her the opportunity to complete an A level within a year with the benefits of a set schedule, assignment deadlines, tutor support and feedback. Kayleigh has found that studying with NEC has allowed her not just to gain the academic qualifications that she needs to get to the next stage of her education, but also helped her develop her time management and organisational skills. The self-motivation needed for independent learning will stand her in good stead for university and beyond. 

“I  found that distance learning teaches you plenty of valuable skills which can be transferable into a variety of things, in particular for me, university. Over the past year I have definitely learnt the importance of time management and remaining motivated […] NEC are great at helping you as on your student dashboard there are dates set out for you to follow and complete certain topics and assignments on […] If I ever did have any problems or queries though, my tutors were always more than happy to help and go the extra mile.” 

Through the further reading recommendations included on the course, Kayleigh has been able to do research beyond the course criteria into areas of biology that she might want to pursue further in her nursing career. 

“Collating further information from both tutorials and the guidance of the links given has helped me gain more concrete understanding of various topic areas in Biology, as well as help me find new areas of  interest and had influence over what areas of nursing I wish to explore. When covering the Cardiovascular system, further reading helped me to gain a great interest in cardiology, and one day I would definitely like to explore cardiac nursing.” 

As an organisation committed to lifelong learning, we design our courses to help our students to explore their interests as Kayleigh has done. We wish Kayleigh all the best for her results and future studies. 

“I would definitely recommend NEC as I think their services are very accessible and cater for people to learn in whatever way they wish”

Enrolment for the 2021/2022 Structured Fast Track session is now open! If, like Kayleigh, you are looking to go into a particular field or enhance your university application, enrol now to begin your studies in September: https://www.nec.ac.uk/fast-track/

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