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GCSE Spanish

Broaden your horizons and extend your global opportunities by studying our IGCSE Spanish online course.

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Study Spanish IGCSE online with NEC to improve your listening, reading, speaking and writing through a host of topics including food, health and the media, family, friends and holidays – gaining practical, life-long skills along the way!

Our IGCSE Spanish online course has been life-changing for former students who’ve gone on to travel, progress their career, relocate or to start a new life overseas. As well as a learning a language, studying Spanish IGCSE develops working memory and improves listening skills.

Why study Spanish?

Become an excellent communicator in a language spoken by more than 400 million people in over 44 countries. Studying IGCSE Spanish online is perfect if you:

  • Like the opportunities learning a new language brings – in business, or for your own pleasure.
  • Are a keen traveller, or would like to explore a new culture from your own home.
  • Have a general interest in languages, how words work or how language is structured.
  • Want to add an international angle to your choice of GCSE subjects which is something employers value.
  • Enjoy learning. Learning a language is ultimately a lot of fun!

Future opportunities

  • Studying other Modern Foreign Languages or Spanish at AS/A Level.
  • Stronger employment opportunities in companies with international links or enhanced employability if you’d like to work abroad.
  • A range of careers including those in education, international business, communication and translation through to cultural and tourism or governmental positions.

Course content

Introductory skills

  • Building up your vocabulary
  • Developing your listening skills
  • Pronunciation
  • Using grammar

Section 1: Home and school

  • House and home
  • School life and routine

Section 2: Food, health and the media

  • Food and drink
  • Common ailments and healthy lifestyles
  • Media – TV and film

Section 3: Family and friends

  • Relationships with family and friends
  • Daily routine and helping at home
  • Hobbies and interests

Section 4: Holidays and special occasions

  • Special occasions
  • Holidays
  • Tourist information and directions

Section 5: Daily life

  • Life in the town and rural life
  • Shopping and money matters
  • Public services

Section 6: The environment

  • Environmental issues
  • Weather and climate
  • Everyday life in a Spanish-speaking country

Section 7: Customs, childhood and travel

  • Customs and festivals
  • Travel and transport
  • Childhood

Section 8

  • School rules and pressures
  • School trips, events, exchanges
  • The importance of sport

Section 9

  • Accidents and injuries
  • The world of work
  • Future plans

Section 10

  • Work, volunteering, careers
  • Communication – by internet, mobile phone, email, social media
  • Keeping informed – radio, newspapers, TV, online

Study IGCSE Spanish with us and benefit from:

  • Flexible learning
  • Support from a personal tutor by email, phone or Skype
  • Any time enrolment
  • Our exam booking service
  • Assignments with tutor feedback
  • Ongoing support from Student Support
  • Forums to discuss your course with other students


Choose when and where you access your course, using learn@nec our 24/7 learning platform.

This easy-to-use learning platform includes interactive checkpoints, quizzes and activities to help you evaluate your progress.

Your tutor

You’ll have access to support from a personal tutor. All NEC tutors are subject experts, with experience of supporting online learners.

Meet Amanda who is just one of our first-class Spanish tutors:

At it simplest, Spanish is a fun language to learn. The NEC course is well written, and the success of students who have completed the course are testament to that.

What you need to know

Exam board

  • Edexcel 4SP1


  • Online learning with support from a personal tutor


  • Complete at your own pace
  • Approx. 120-150*  hours plus time for completing assignments

*The specification suggests that 150 hours is needed. You’ll also need time to complete assignments and prepare yourself for exams and some courses like English literature involve a lot of reading.  Everyone is different so it’s impossible to say with certainty how long a course will take you, but you should expect to spend longer than 150 hours. Taken across the length of time we recommend, this equates to approximately 4 hours per week. This will increase if you choose to take it over a shorter time frame or may be less if you are retaking a subject and have covered a lot of of the course content.


  • 11 assignments (one introductory) – these do not contribute towards your final grade


  • Set textbook – included as a free ebook with your course: Spanish Edexcel International GCSE by Simon Barefoot, Tim Guildford, Mónica Morcillo Laiz, José Antonio Garcia Sánchez, Mike Thacker and Tony Weston, Hodder Education, 2017, ISBN: 978 1 5104 0334


  • Internet access
  • Computer operating system and browser to support learn@nec
  • As part of the assignments, you will be required to record audio and send it to your tutor.

What's included?

Our course fees are clear and transparent to help you plan for any additional costs.

Your course fee includes:

  • 24/7 access to learn@nec platform and resources
  • Expertly designed online course materials (including ebook versions of textbooks where specified) that you need to complete the course and written to cover the carefully selected awarding body specification
  • Support from our Student Services team
  • Structured assignments to help you track your progress throughout your course
  • Guidance from your tutor for up to 18 months from your date of enrolment
  • Constructive feedback on your assignments from your tutor, to help you improve and prepare for exams
  • Guaranteed exam place
  • NEC’s guide to study skills: How to Succeed as an Independent Learner
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar guide
  • Time planner template to help you plan your study timetable
  • Information on how to apply for exams

Your course fee does not cover:

  • Any fees in relation to exam entries or assessments
  • Centre Assessment Grades (CAG) in the event of exam cancellation
  • Recommended textbooks for additional reading or set texts
  • Equipment for core practicals

If you need more support, you can purchase:

  • Online tutorials – if you need help with a specific topic you can arrange a 30 minute or 1 hour tutorial
  • Additional past paper marking – to help with your exam preparation
  • Revision tutorial –  to plan your revision and explore revision techniques
  • Help with your UCAS application service

For further information on additional/optional support you can purchase, please visit our additional services page.

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Exams and assessment

Exams (three):

  • Paper 1: Listening – 25% of marks  (30 minutes)
  • Paper 2: Reading and writing – 50% of marks (1 hour 45 minutes)
  • Oral exam – 25% of marks (8-10 minutes)

There is no non-exam assessment (NEA) for this course

Additional support if you’re under 18

We know that our younger students often need an extra helping hand with their studies. In our experience learning online works best when either a parent or guardian are involved. This is why NEC has developed our unique Progress Tracker to help you to support your child.

NEC’s Progress Tracker will allow you to easily track your child’s progress across their subjects and gain insight to how well they are doing through access to their assignment grades and tutor feedback.  

Read more about how we work with young students who are studying at home or through a school.

Arrange a callback with a member of our Course Advice Team.

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