Our tutors

Once enrolled with NEC, students are assigned an individual tutor for each subject they are studying. That tutor will be there to offer support, guidance and feedback throughout the course, as well as mark assignments and coursework. We only select tutors who have demonstrated expert knowledge in their field, with most already having worked as teachers or trainers.

As a result, our tutors have experience with typical student needs and concerns, and are often cited by students as the reason our grades are consistently higher than average. NEC students are also free to work at their own pace, but can remain assured that their tutor will be there to help their progress when the time is right.

A selection of tutor profiles can be found below:

Ann Abineri, Creative Writing

NEC tutor Ann Abineri

"Creative writing has excited me for as many years as I can remember. I studied Creative Writing with the Open University. I have had flash fiction and short stories published. I subscribe to many writing magazines and follow a wide range of authors online. I have always been an avid reader and book group member. I attend Cambridge and Hay Literary Festivals every year and in addition to bestselling authors, I listen to debut authors, cover designers and e-publishers who keep me up to date with information to support my learners’ development as writers."

Alison Aplin, Accounting and Book-keeping

NEC tutor Alison Aplin

"Teaching and writing, particularly in the areas of financial accounting and taxation, complement my work as the owner of an accountancy practice specialising in small businesses. I am a chartered management accountant and a member of AAT (The Association of Accounting Technicians) and have worked in industry, accountancy practice and education. I am enthusiastic about supporting accountancy students of all types, whether they are people starting up in business or students learning the skills required for bookkeeping and accountancy."

Jane Blunt, Chemistry, Combined Science, Maths and Physics

NEC tutor Jane Blunt

"I have taught for NEC since the late 1970s on maths, sciences and engineering courses and have also been a tutor for the Open University in technology. Each student has different goals and I aim to help everyone succeed. When students find themselves in difficulty with their course, I endeavour to show them clearly the way to reach the correct answer. I have a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry and engineering. I have conducted research in chemistry and engineering and have a PhD in the latter. I completed the adult teaching qualification Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (now called Education and Training Level 3). I live in East Anglia."

Linda Bonner, Business

NEC tutor Linda Bonner

"I am passionate about Business, both from an academic and practical point of view. I have been since I was the MD of a Young Enterprise company when I was 17. Since then I have had many jobs in industry, have helped many charities and, more recently taught the subject. I have been in the classroom for over 10 years, but also continue to support many small and new businesses to prosper. I believe that detailed feedback and encouragement to improve in small steps is the way to achieve educational potential which is the appeal of 1 to 1 online tutoring. My qualifications include a BSc in Business Studies, MA in Organisational Behaviour, PCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) and the graduate diplomas from several professional bodies, including the Institute of Marketing."

Josie Briggs, Biology

NEC tutor Josie Briggs

"I discovered science as a child at the local library. After university, I spent several years doing research into organic chemistry and biochemistry and then made a career change, to tutoring. For 18 years or so, I taught science in further education colleges. Now I do some private tuition in sciences and maths as well as tutoring for NEC. It is interesting 'meeting' students, whether that’s through email, Skype, phone or post. I keep up to date with science and nature through magazine articles and documentaries on TV and encourage learners to do the same."

Amy Elliott, Economics and Maths

NEC tutor Amy Elliott

"I have been teaching for over ten years and am privileged to say that I have loved everyday of my job. Within my teaching I build students security in their own ability, giving them a platform of confidence to make the crucial independent steps towards the very highest grades. I have a first class BA Hons in Economics and a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics. I have tutored students 1:1 both face-to-face and online for many years with great success and always receive positive feedback. I also do a lot of work with exam boards. I have recently moved to Surrey with my children."

Susie Evans, History

NEC tutor Susie Evans

"I am passionate about teaching and learning about teaching. I have taught history for over 20 years in sixth form colleges and colleges of further education. My approach is guided by the need to be flexible and to tailor what students learn and how they learn it to suit the needs of each person I work with. I have an MA in International History from the London School of Economics, a BA Hons in History and a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education). I am an examiner for GCSE and A level with Edexcel."

Sally Everitt, Maths

NEC tutor Sally Everitt

"I love maths! My aim is to pass the passion I have for my subject on to others, to support learning through flexible tuition – appreciating that each learner has different commitments, motivations and ways of learning. I have a BSc and PhD from Leeds University as well as a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education). I have taught for several years in schools (as deputy head of the maths department) and university. I am also an A Level examiner. I live in Yorkshire with my family. They as well as my garden and clarinet are my other passions."

Amanda Forshaw, Philosophy and Religious Studies

NEC tutor Amanda Forshaw

"Learning should be a rewarding experience for its own sake. I love ideas and think that the most valuable thing about education is the joy of gaining knowledge. The most rewarding thing about tutoring and teaching is helping students to find their own reward in learning. I have been teaching for 18 years. I am a head of faculty, an A Level examiner and write NEC course materials for A Level Philosophy and A Level Religious Studies. I am never happier than when I am in a classroom or working 1:1 with learners of all ages."

Julia Geddes, English Language and English Literature

NEC tutor Julia Geddes

"I am lead tutor for NEC’s English courses and have written many course modules for NEC. I have a degree and MA in English Literature from the University of Leeds and am a Senior examiner and exam moderator, Head of English at a Leeds sixth form college and a schools’ adviser for English. Oxford University Press has published a variety of texts I have written for students, including Love through the Ages (2009 with Helen Ince) and More Love Through the Ages (2012, with Anna Merrick). I enjoy running, cycling and a variety of sporting activities."

Felicity Holland, Childcare and Early Years

NEC tutor Felicity Holland

"I qualified as a primary school teacher many years ago. When my own children were young, I registered as a childminder, combining this with running play schemes and teaching childcare practitioners. I still believe working with children is the best and one of the most important jobs there is. A child’s early experiences have an impact on the whole of their life and it is up to us to make sure these experiences are positive. Just as every child is different, so is every NEC student and I try to meet all your individual needs. I want you to succeed by gaining the qualification you are aiming for and by becoming a more reflective practitioner."

Mike Homfray, Politics and Sociology

NEC tutor Mike Homfray

"I have taught in a range of higher educational establishments on a part time basis, and am experienced in teaching at a range of levels from access courses through to masters degrees. I am a longstanding examiner with AQA and CIE, on AS and A level sociology courses. Having been involved in online education from an early stage, I am committed to the delivery of online distance learning, and the importance of supporting learners as they progress through the course materials. I have a BA (Hons) in Social Administration from Lancaster, and a MA gained with distinction and a PhD from Liverpool University."

Jane Horton, Art Techniques

NEC tutor Jane Horton

"I've been involved in distance education for many years, and have been a practising artist all my adult life. In my own creative practice, my main interests are in drawing, illustration, printmaking, animation and painting, and also digital art. Learning to draw is the platform for a satisfying creative adventure with art: looking intensively at the work of other artists is essential to developing your own work. My knowledge of art history means I can pinpoint examples of artists to help you develop your own practice. I have a first degree in Fine Art and English and a PGCE in Art Education."

Julie Houghton, Combined Science, Critical Thinking, Law, Physics and Maths

NEC tutor Julie Houghton

"I love learning and I love inspiring other people to learn. I’ve worked with students from primary to undergraduate level as I have taught in schools and universities. Now, I specialise in home education and distance learning, teaching people in the UK and overseas. I have a degree in physics with astrophysics and a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) in physics, science and maths, both from the University of Birmingham, and an LLM in Law from the University of Leeds. A senior examiner for several exam boards, I am also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors."

Tracey Jones, Counselling, Creative Writing, Psychology, Sociology and Business

NEC tutor Tracey Jones

"Teaching psychology, sociology, child development and creative writing for over 15 years through distance learning has given me a great deal of experiencing in supporting students. Life sometimes gets in the way of studying, so I am flexible and encourage students to think what suits them in their studying. I love what I teach and hope my students do too. Qualifications include MSocSc and Diploma in Social Science and Social Work, Postgraduate Diploma in Learning Disability Studies, Post-Graduate Certificate in Education, B.Sc. (Hons) in Psychology. A former examiner for AQA and International Baccalaureate. I also write academic textbooks and courses."

Stefania Mattei, Maths

NEC tutor Stefania Mattei

"I love being a Maths tutor, working with students of all abilities on a one-to-one basis to help them achieve their dreams. My goal as a teacher is to remove the barriers that often prevent students enjoy this beautiful subject, and to give them the confidence to understand and to make progress. I graduated in Mathematics in Italy, worked in the City, then qualified as a teacher with the OU and taught GCSE and A level Maths for 9 years. I now work full time as a private tutor and I am an examiner for Edexcel and AQA."

Donal O'Donnell, Biology

NEC tutor Donal O'Donnell

"My lifelong fascination with biology has led to a varied and interesting career. I worked at the Natural History Museum on insect taxonomy and the Commonwealth Institute for Biological Control where I studied the control of insect and plant pests using natural enemies. I also worked in government fisheries laboratories in England and Ireland and for ADAS on insects in field margins. In addition to teaching for the NEC I am an associate lecturer at the Open University, mainly in ecology and evolution. Previously, I was a teaching fellow for the OU developing new courses, and subsequently a staff tutor in Cambridge and Birmingham."

Kathryn Owen, English Language and English Literature

NEC tutor Kathryn Owen

"My academic qualifications include a BA (2:1) honours degree in English Literature and a PGCE in English at Leeds University. I have worked as an AQA examiner for the past 14 years which has provided me with a comprehensive insight into the examination requirements for A level Literature. As well as tutoring, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing the violin and piano and walking and cycling in the Yorkshire Dales."

Colin Padgett, English Language, English Literature and French

NEC tutor Colin Padgett

"I have been involved with education, either in a voluntary or a paid capacity, for over forty years, and I don’t seem to find it boring yet! After a Joint Honours Degree in Comparative Literature and French Language, and a Masters in European Studies, both at UEA, I have taught in comprehensives, sixth forms, adult education, evening classes and distance learning. I have also been an examiner – both marking and writing examination papers – since 1978, as well as working at regional and national levels for the NATE (National Association for the Teaching of English) and the NUT (National Union of Teachers). In my spare time I garden or write articles, poetry and stories – some published!"

Sarah Pamphilion, Management

NEC tutor Sarah Pamphilion

"I am passionate about the value of learning and dedicated to the profession having worked in education for over 27 years both as a tutor, assessor and manager of vocational training. I understand the challenges of distance learning, having been a distance learner myself, and know the value of good quality, responsive and flexible tutor support and encouragement. Now as a freelance contractor, I work with a number of awarding bodies, colleges and training providers to develop learning resources to enable learners to meet their qualification goals and longer-term career aims."

Hannah Stokes, Religious Studies

NEC tutor Hannah Stokes

"I am passionate about teaching, particularly religious studies, which I have been teaching for six years. I create engaging and challenging lessons. My aim is to offer all students the opportunity to learn and progress, regardless of their previous knowledge or ability. I have just completed a MA in Religious Studies, having studied for a BA (Hons) in Theology and Education for my first degree. I also have a Postgraduate Certificate (PGCE) in Religious Studies and work as an examiner with AQA for GCSE Religious Studies. When not teaching, I enjoy participating in sports and exploring the countryside with my two basset hounds."

Ailie Summerton, Maths

NEC tutor Ailie Summerton

"I have taught Maths for many years in a college of further education and more recently by distance learning. As a teacher the greatest reward for me is helping a student develop confidence and the same enjoyment in subject as me. My approach to teaching has always been to treat each student as an individual with unique needs, and I always try to give whatever support they require. I have a BSc in Maths from the Open University (so I know firsthand the pros and cons of distance learning) and a PGCE."

Caroline Thomson, French and Spanish

NEC tutor Caroline Thomson

"I have always been passionate about learning languages and I am delighted to be sharing my interest in French and Spanish. I have been a languages teacher for over 12 years. As a tutor, I like to tailor my support to the needs of each student. Learning a language should be a fun and fulfilling experience and there are many ways to learn. I have a BA Hons in languages from the University of Hull and took my PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) at the University of York. I am originally from North Yorkshire and now live in Wakefield."

Kate Wake, Early Years

NEC tutor Kate Wake

"When my own children were young, I worked as a childminder and in a preschool, and while doing this achieved two level 3 qualifications. I enjoyed working with children and learning about how to do it more effectively, so I then did a degree with the Open University and gained my assessor qualification. Over the past fifteen years, I have taught childcare with the NEC, through the NCMA (now Pacey) and for two other local training organisations. I feel proud of being involved in raising the professional status of childcare professionals through training and qualifications."

Amanda White, Psychology

NEC tutor Amanda White

"I have a degree in psychology from Lancaster University and am a qualified teacher, an examiner for AQA and a moderator for the International Baccalaureate. I have worked as head of department in a large comprehensive and have also taught psychology to adult learners in further education colleges and for the Open University. I enjoy the challenge of tutoring NEC’s keen and motivated students through distance learning and using technology to help them learn. My interests are wide-ranging and include walking, history and European travel. My son and daughter are both grown up and studying at the same university."

Ben Williams, History and Politics

NEC tutor Ben Williams

"I am a firm believer that passionate tutors who enjoy the subject can pass on their enthusiasm to their learners. My knowledge and experience as a tutor has been built up over many years within sixth form colleges, universities and within the online environment. My academic background has seen me gain a BA in Modern History and Politics, a Masters in Politics and Irish Studies and a PhD in Politics, all from Liverpool University. I am an examiner for two major exam boards and have had a significant amount of academic work published in various books and study guides."