A Levels

A levels the gold standard for education in the UK, recognised by universities and employers alike as a mark of significant achievement. Having an A level demonstrates a thorough understanding of a subject, will boost your career prospects and potentially open up new opportunities for you.

We are now able to offer a range of new A level courses written for the new specifications resulting from the UK government's reforms to education, as well as expand our range of subjects. You can choose from our full range below.

We have the following courses available in the A Levels category.

A level Accounting calculator and pen

Our home study A level in accounting will prepare you for the AQA exams, covering the core principles of the profession including ledgers, balances and budgets.

A level biology butterfly feeding from flowers

This A level course covers topics such as genetics, biodiversity and forensics. It will be particularly relevant for careers in healthcare or life sciences.

A level business two partners shake hands against backdrop of skyscrapers

This course will help you understand the world of business, exploring topics such as the business environment, marketing operations, decision-making and ethics.

A level chemistry experiment using glass scientific equipment with test tube, beaker and flask containing different colour liquids

This subject looks at how substances interact with each other, covering topics such as redox reactions, organic chemistry and analytical techniques.

A level Classical Civilisation ancient Greek structure

This home study A level in classical civilisation will tell you everything you need to know about the ancient world to prepare for the OCR exams.

A level Critical Thinking representation of the mind

Our distance learning Critical Thinking A level will set you up for the OCR exams, teaching you key concepts of reasoning, ethical considerations and arguing.

A level economics report with graphs and analysis of statistics and finances

Covering topics such as markets, growth and international economics, this course helps you understand the way economics affects the wider social environment.

A level english language dictionary definition

This course will help you to understand the different ways the English language can be used, whether to write a blog, read a script, or analyse texts.

A level english literature play script page act one

Immerse yourself in a wide range of literary texts spanning centuries, and gain an understanding of how to read closely as a critical and independent reader.

A level Environmental Studies Dam

This distance learning A level course in environmental studies investigates our relationship with our planet, preparing you for the AQA exams.

A level French stamp showing the Eiffel Tower

Our home study A level in French contains everything you need to prepare for the OCR exams, and will provide you with a thorough understanding of the language.

A Level Geography volcano

Prepare for the OCR A level Geography exams with our distance learning course, covering all key elements of both physical and human geography.

A level Government and Politics Houses of Parliament

Our bespoke distance learning A level Government and Politics course covers everything you need to know to prepare you for the Edexcel exams.

A level history pocket watch with roman numerals on clock face

Learn how political, social and economic events have shaped the world we live in, and learn how to evaluate evidence and communicate your own views effectively.

A level Law scales of justice

This home study Law A level course covers all the key concepts of law, including criminal law, tort and liability, to prepare you for the AQA exams.

A Level Maths compass, protractor, set square and pencil

Our A level Maths course for home study covers all the areas you’ll need to learn for the Edexcel exams, including statistics, mechanics and decision maths.

A level philosophy question mark in a maze

This distance learning A level course in philosophy introduces you to all the themes and concepts you’ll need to learn in order to sit the AQA exams.

A level physics illustration of atomic structure with electrons circling a nucleus of protons and neutrons

This subject helps you understand the universe we live in and how it works. Learn about topics including particles, gravitational fields and thermodynamics.

A level psychology illustration of cogwheels turning inside the mind

Covering topics such as developmental psychology and psychopathology, this course is particularly useful for careers in social work, counselling or healthcare.

A level religious studies sun rays shining through clouds

Our home study A level Religious Studies course takes a fascinating look at religious issues, covering all the topics you’ll need to prepare for the AQA exams.

A level sociology illustration of debate between different people

Preparing you for work in a wide range of different careers, this course teaches you about concepts like socialisation, culture, identity and stratification.