Psychology and sociology are fascinating subjects for anyone interested in human behaviour and how we act within society. 

A level Psychology focuses on big ideas and topics that affect human mood and behaviour, including memory, early cognitive development in children, schizophrenia and depression. A level Sociology looks at big themes within society such as race and gender identity, criminal behaviour, inequality, religion and family conflict – opening up an understanding of human behaviour and interaction whilst looking at ways to improve the society in which we live. Sociology and Psychology are complementary subjects for studying human interaction, and are both vital in many areas such as humanitarian research fields, with Sociological and Psychological studies being influential in changing the ways that we view the world and each other.  

 A level Psychology and Sociology are both useful subjects for careers such as psychology (occupational, clinical, health, educational or high-intensity psychologist roles), advertising, psychotherapy, counselling, consultancy, advice work, international aid, charity work, probation and social work, HR, market research, public relations, marketing, law and journalism. They are both also useful subjects if you are planning to go on to University to study sociology, psychology or other social sciences. 

One NEC student, Roxanna, chose to study A levels in Psychology and Sociology with NEC due to her interest in the clinical aspect of social and human development. She also needed to gain A level qualifications that would help her with a career change. Working as a Flight Controller for a leading airline, Roxanna was able to fit distance learning in alongside her work which is on a part time basis. The flexibility of the courses was one of her highlights of studying with NEC as well as the fact that she found her courses interesting, also loving learning for learning’s sake: 

“My time at school was challenging because I wasn’t keen on learning amongst other things. However, now I can’t stop learning and thrive on discovering new knowledge.”

Roxanna was pleased to achieve top grades in her A level subjects, and now plans to study for further A levels before studying towards a Masters. Her advice to anyone else considering distance learning is: 

“Never give up, know your worth, be proud of your achievements and don’t let anyone tell you any differently.”

Interested in psychology or sociology?

If you are interested in studying Sociology or Psychology A levels because of your interest in the subjects, or with a particular career goal in mind, take a closer look at our courses here: 

Interested in studying with NEC in order to change careers? 

Take a look at our career tracks for advice about which path might be best for you! These free guides cover the careers most popular with our students – each guide looks at the reasons for choosing a particular career area, the different routes into the profession, and the qualifications, qualities and skills you need to succeed. The guides also include helpful links to further information, for example on applying to university or courses available from NEC to help plug any qualification gaps you may have; including essential GCSEs in English and Maths. Take a closer look here

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