Sharon’s positive experience of distance learning leads to an A grade in her English Language A level Tuesday, 05 September 2023

There’s no denying that distance learning is rapidly gaining popularity as a successful educational platform outside of traditional schools and colleges. With this in mind, it’s great to see students like Sharon benefiting from online learning. 

Whilst some of NEC’s students are new to distance learning, Sharon was certainly no stranger to the concept. After hearing about NEC from a UCAS Advisor at CATS College, Sharon decided to enrol onto NEC’s popular English Language A level course.

My time at school was positive. I attended a Nigerian secondary school where I achieved IGCSE qualifications with one A*, three As, three Bs and one C. I then attended CATS College where I achieved an A, A and D in Economics, Psychology and Maths A levels respectively, before heading on to achieve one more A grade in English Language A level which I studied with NEC.“

“I can now boast of achieving grades A, A, A and D for my A levels, thanks my personal NEC tutor Christine, and to NEC themselves who were able to provide me with access to an exam centre to sit my exams through their exam booking service. 

“My motivation to study was substantiated by the able institution that is NEC, and as I had suspected it would be given the strong recommendation of my UCAS Adviser from CATS College.”

Much like many of NEC’s students, Sharon benefitted from the flexibility to study from the comfort of home and create their own schedule. Sharon also enjoyed the ability to create a personal routine whilst studying online.

The flexibility to study in my own time and submit (most) assignments when ready rather than at a deadline like in a face-to-face college and the efficiency of my tutor worked well. She responded to questions on information I didn’t quite understand, highlighting the skills I needed to demonstrate and breaking down the assessment objectives so I could understand and meet them. The course materials were concise and condensed. I could not access the A level textbook and so relied solely on the course materials which proved useful, as by studying them I was able to achieve an A grade.

Asked if any particular events stood out during her time with NEC, Sharon says: 

“I can say that every moment was equally memorable; such as every instance I received my tutor’s personalised and helpful feedback on each of my assignments, and especially on the NEA (Non-examination assessment) coursework.“

So what advice would Sharon offer to anyone considering studying a distance learning course with NEC? 

“Do it! It’s so convenient. You will be more in control of your time than you would be at a face-to-face college. The quality of education is just as good if not better than at a face-to-face college. The NEC tutors are all qualified teachers who know precisely what they’re doing and have fewer students than tutors at face-to-face colleges typically do. They can really focus on you and give you more tailored tips and a more customised experience overall than at a typical face-to-face college. If you do take on a distance learning course, take it seriously and use your time to study flexibly in the way that suits you best.” 


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