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Physics Fast Track A levels

Pearson Edexcel

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Complete the course within a year, and gain the all important grades you need, with our Structured Fast Track A level Physics course.


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Complete an online A level in a year and fast track your journey to success.

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Our Structured Fast Track A level Physics course has been written and developed by experts, and specially designed to give you extra support in order to ace your A level within a year. Through access to group forums and live seminars covering each section of the course, you will be able to share ideas with your fellow students and ask questions of your tutor ‘in-class’.

Enrol before the September start date and hit the ground running with our specially designed GCSE to A level transition materials and an interactive quiz that finds (and plugs!) any learning gaps.

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Each Structured Fast Track A level features:

  • Introductory section to help you transition from GCSE to A level study, including an interactive quiz that identifies any learning gaps and directs you to tailored refresher topics.
  • A comprehensive induction programme starting early September.
  • Course activities and learning objectives which have been carefully considered to help you complete the course within a year.
  • Expert tutor support; our tutors are qualified teachers, experienced in online learning and examinations, and committed to supporting our learners. Your tutor will be available to answer questions and provide academic support through the learn@nec messaging system throughout your studies.
  • Regular live seminars with your tutor; ask your tutor questions ‘in-class’ and interact with your fellow students studying the course (also available to watch back on-demand).
  • Tutor-led forums; actively engage in discussions with your tutor and peers. Your tutor will clarify discussion points and lead debate that will advance your understanding of the key ideas raised during the course.
  • Innovative and Interactive course materials.
  • Past paper marking by a qualified tutor.
  • A mid-course review; your tutor will review your progress on the course and provide detailed feedback that will identify gaps in your learning and offer actionable advice to improve your outcome.
  • Student Support team on hand to support you throughout the duration of your studies.
  • UCAS Application service; if you are heading to University, NEC will support you in your UCAS application. Our application service includes a predicted grade and personalised reference from your course tutor.

Why study Structured Fast Track A level Physics?

“I found distance learning with NEC to be an ideal way to study and gain the knowledge needed to make the transition into a new career path.” – Darius, Structured Fast Track student

Our Structured Fast Track A level Physics course has been specifically designed to follow a carefully considered 36-week study programme, providing you with the extra support you need to gain the all-important grades you require. The A level takes approximately 250-300 hours to complete, which works out at about 15-20 hours per week over the 36-week study programme.

You and a small cohort of fellow students will attend regular live seminars with your course tutor and actively engage with the subject through tutor-led forums, interactive learning activities and quality course materials.

The course is fully online and can be studied anywhere, anytime, to fit in with your lifestyle. Included within the course is a mid-course review, past-paper marking and UCAS service to make sure you are fully prepared for the exams and the next stage of your learning journey.

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Course content

NEC’s Structured Fast Track A level Physics course will follow the same topics as Pearson Edexcel’s physics A level but has a set schedule, allowing you to complete the course within one academic year rather than two.

Start: Introduction to studying A level Physics

  • Introduction and progress checker
  • Introductory quiz
  • Refresher topics
  • Additional introductory topics – Experiments with a pendulum, Experiments with a lens, Forces and simple machines.

Section 1: Working as a physicist

  • Maths in physics
  • Quantities and units
  • Calipers and micrometers
  • Practical skills
  • Experiments with a spring
  • Experiments with a laser pointer and a CD

Section 2: Mechanics

  • Rectilinear motion
  • Momentum
  • Forces
  • Resolved forces and moments
  • Work, energy and power
  • Applied mechanics

Section 3: Electricity

  • Charge and current
  • Potential difference, electromotive force and power
  • Current-potential difference relationships
  • Resistance and resistivity
  • Internal resistance, series and parallel circuits and the potential divider

Section 4: Materials and vibrations

  • Fluids
  • Turbulence
  • Solid materials
  • Nature of waves

Section 5: Waves and the particle nature of light

  • Transmission and reflection of waves
  • The eye
  • The oscilloscope
  • Superposition of waves
  • Particle nature of light
  • Making a CD spectrometer

Progress Review

Section 6: Collisions, circular motion and oscillations

  • Momentum and energy
  • Motion in a circle
  • Oscillations

Section 7: Gravitational and electric fields

  • Universal gravitation
  • Electrical fields
  • Millikan’s oil drop experiment
  • Capacitance
  • Touch screen technologies

Section 8: Magnetic fields and particle physics

  • Magnetic fields
  • Electrons and nuclei
  • Particle physics

Section 9: Thermodynamics

  • Specific heat capacity
  • Thermometry
  • Internal energy, absolute zero and change of state
  • Gas laws

Section 10: Nuclear decay and space

  • Nuclear decay
  • Detecting radiation
  • Cosmology
  • Astrophysics
  • Life cycle of a star

Past Paper Marking and Revision

  • Three past papers
  • One revision seminar


There is one Ebook included with the course:

  • Benn, M, George, G, and Akrill, T (2019), Pearson Edexcel A level Physics Student Book (Year 1 and Year 2), Hodder Education, ISBN 978-1-5104-7005-3

Exams and assessment


Exams (three):

  • 33.3% of marks  (2 hours)
  • 33.3% of marks  (2 hours)
  • 33.3% of marks  (2 hours)

The exams are written, with no practical element, but throughout the exam you will be expected to use your understanding of practical theory – gained through the 18 core practicals within your course – to answer questions.

Non-exam assessment (NEA):

There is an optional practical endorsement available for the A level Physics qualification. This NEA is an additional assessment providing an opportunity to demonstrate practical skills as well as knowledge. The endorsement is reported as a separate grade and does not contribute to the result of the A level qualification.

However, some universities require the completion of practical endorsements for STEM undergraduate courses, such as medicine. In these cases, we’ve got you covered. NEC can organise Practical Endorsements at one of our partnership centres. If you’re unsure, we recommend double-checking with your desired university.

Need help booking exams?

With our exam booking service, you are guaranteed an exam place at one of our partnership centres. When the time comes, simply fill out an application form and we’ll do the rest.  Find out more.

Additional support if you’re under 18

We know that our younger students often need an extra helping hand with their studies.  In our experience, learning online works best when the parents are involved, so when you enrol your child with NEC, you’ll have a unique set of services to help you to support your child.

This includes:

  • Your own log in to learn@nec to access the course so you can view the course materials and other information for yourself.
  • Access to your child’s gradebook to help you to monitor progress and provide appropriate and timely intervention and support
  • You’ll receive emails and forum posts so that you have all the examination and assessment updates/information provided by the NEC team
  • Dedicated Progress Portal Pages and targeted blogs with updates/information/help and advice on many aspects of home education.

Read more about how we work with young students who are studying at home or through a school.

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