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A levels

Why study a Structured Fast Track A level course?

Our Structured Fast Track A levels have been written and developed by experts, and designed to give you extra support in order to complete your A level within a year, and gain the all important grades you need. Through access to group forums and live seminars covering each topic of the course, you will be able to share ideas with your fellow cohorts and ask questions of your tutor ‘in-class’.

What our students say

“I found the format of the course to be well suited to my learning style. For example, whilst the overall structure of the course is provided with progress markers as you move along, I appreciated the ability to be able to plan my own study times on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis.”

“The tutors gave so much support. The course was well planned out with a timetable to help manage the assignments and learning materials.”

“I would definitely recommend NEC as I think their services are very accessible and cater for people to learn in whatever way they wish”

Structured Fast Track A level features

  • A comprehensive induction programme starting early September
  • Course activities and learning objectives which have been carefully considered to help you complete the course within a year
  • Expert tutor support; Our tutors are qualified teachers, experienced in online learning and examinations, and committed to supporting our learners. Your tutor will be available to answer questions and provide academic support through the learn@nec messaging system throughout your studies
  • Regular live seminars with your tutor; ask your tutor questions ‘in-class’ and interact with your fellow students studying the course (also available to watch back on-demand)
  • Tutor-led forums; actively engage in discussions with your tutor and peers. Your tutor will clarify discussion points and lead debate that will advance your understanding of the key ideas raised during the course.
  • Innovative and Interactive course materials
  • Past paper marking by a qualified tutor
  • A mid-course review; Your tutor will review your progress on the course and provide detailed feedback that will identify gaps in your learning and offer actionable advice to improve your outcome
  • Student Support team on hand to support you throughout the duration of your studies
  • UCAS Application service; If you are heading to University, NEC will support you in your UCAS application. Our application service includes a predicted grade and personalised reference from your course tutor.

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NEC Student
NEC Student

Our Structured Fast Track A levels have been written and developed by experts, and designed to give you extra support in order to complete your A level within a year, and gain the all important grades you need. Through access to group forums and live seminars covering each topic of the course, you will be able to share ideas with your fellow cohorts and ask questions of your tutor ‘in-class’.


Frequently asked questions

What makes the Structured Fast Track A level different?

Our Structured Fast Track A levels are designed to be studied within a 36 week period, starting in September, with a robust framework of assignments with set deadlines, live seminars, and expert tutor support.  

Tutor groups will be limited in number allowing for a more personal and focused learning experience, both with the course tutor and with cohort colleagues.

An introduction to each of the Structured Fast Track courses will include quizzes that link to refresher resources to help fill in any knowledge gaps and help bridge the gap from GCSE to A level.

Live seminars led by expert tutors are scheduled throughout each course.

Support from subject expert tutors will include assignment marking, past paper marking, a mid-course review, predicted grades for UCAS applications, and UCAS references.

Why study an A level in one year rather than two?

Studying in one year makes the course versatile for anyone looking to upskill or switch careers within a short time frame.

Students may be looking to improve on an exam grade, or add another A level qualification to help with university applications.

When can I enrol on a Structured Fast Track course?

Students can enrol from May onwards and the course will start with a live Induction Seminar on Tuesday 27th August 2024 at 7.00pm. 

When students enrol, they will have immediate access to the  Introductory Section including the interactive, adaptive Introductory quizzes which link  to Refresher Topics. These will help bridge the gap from GCSE to A level and highlight any areas that might benefit from some revision. 

Students will also have immediate access to Five Steps to Getting Started and About Assessment sections, so they can familiarise themselves with how to use the learning platform, and can find out about making exam applications  including how our Exams team can help students who require Access Arrangements. 

How is the course structured?

Students are provided with a study schedule which will include set deadlines for assignment submissions and scheduled live seminars. 

The schedule includes a two week break at Christmas and some time at Easter, along with a scheduled revision time.

The schedule works out at about 15-20 hours of study per week over 36 weeks.

When is the Induction Seminar?

The live Induction Seminar will take place on Tuesday 27th August 2024 at 7pm. 

It will provide you with an opportunity to meet your subject tutor, the Student Support team and your fellow students. 

It will also introduce you to BigBlueButton, the platform that will be used for the live seminars throughout your course.

How can I keep in touch with my fellow students?

Each course has a dedicated discussion forum where you can post questions about your course. Your fellow students and subject tutor can comment on this forum.

You also have a dedicated student-only forum where you can chat to each other.

What are the live seminars?

Live seminars are timetabled throughout the course- one for each section. There is also a revision seminar towards the end of the course. 

Students  have the opportunity to interact with the tutor and fellow students in a supportive and friendly online environment. You do not have to have your camera on, the choice is yours.

Seminars are recorded so learners can watch them later too.

What about the Practical Endorsement and Practicals for Biology, Chemistry and Physics?

The science practical endorsement is in addition to the A level and is achieved by carrying out certain practical skills in the presence of a qualified assessor. NEC has made arrangements for the practical endorsement to be carried out and assessed at a centre(s), for an extra fee. There is more information about the practical endorsement, and how students can enter for it, in the About Assessment section of the course. Students will have access to the About Assessment section as soon as they enrol on a Structured Fast Track course 

There is full guidance on all the core practicals in the course. These can be carried out at home, but where that is not possible, detailed descriptions of each investigation are provided. 

What support will I receive from my tutor?

Our Structured Fast Track course tutors are all subject experts and qualified teachers and have been supporting students with NEC for a number of years. They will provide detailed feedback to the assignments you submit, host the live seminars and answer questions you may have either in the seminar, via the course forum or via the messaging tool on the learn@nec platform. 

How do I know if I am on track?

Your tutor can provide a Progress Review midway through the course which will reflect on your learning and offer advice on what to concentrate on going forward.

Can I get support with my UCAS application?

Yes! Your course fee includes a UCAS reference and predicted grade. You will need to have submitted enough work for tutors to provide these but if you follow the schedule this is possible for the January UCAS deadline.

For students aiming for the October UCAS deadline we can provide support and advice but due to the nature of the structured course will not be able to provide a predicted grade or academic reference before this deadline. These can be sent to universities (with their agreement) at a later date.

For more information about the UCAS process and deadlines, take a look at our guide.

How do I know when the deadlines are?

There is a dedicated calendar on your course page that tracks assignment deadlines and seminar dates. Students can also add their own events to it and it can be exported.

What happens if I don’t keep up with the schedule?

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to adhere to the course schedule you do have the possibility to extend the enrolment to two years instead. 

You will remain on the same course and will have access to the recorded seminars and your tutor will continue to mark assignments and provide feedback but you will no longer need to worry about sticking to set deadlines.

How do you help with exam preparation?

We have built in revision sessions and past papers as part of the course schedule. 

How can I book my exams?

At NEC, we understand that finding an exam centre and making sure you're correctly entered can be stressful. That's why we offer a guaranteed exam place for our students at one of our partnership exam centres. 

By choosing to take your exams at one of our partnership exam centres you can be confident that the application process will be seamless. All of our centres work hard to provide a professional and friendly service which is valued very highly by our students.

In a traditional school or college, it can feel like exams 'just happen', but many distance learners who have tried organising their own exams as a private candidate soon realise that the reality is a little more complicated. Booking your exams through one of our partner centres is really simple. You just need to complete our form and we will do the rest! Booking with us allows you to concentrate fully on your studies and revision.

Who is Student Support?

Student Support is a dedicated team who work to support all of our students. Students on the Structured Fast Track will have a named team member who they can contact with any non-academic queries they may have. 

The Student Support team also monitors students’ progress and will keep in touch with you on a regular basis to support with overdue assignments, and remind about upcoming deadlines including those for exam bookings and UCAS applications.

How do we support parents of Structured Fast Track students?

Parents / guardians of students enrolled on SFT and who are under-18 or who have additional needs are very welcome to join NEC for an online introduction to the course. The aim is to give as much information as possible to help you support your child as they work through the SFT course. 

The online introduction will take place on Tuesday 3rd September at 7.00pm.  

Parents / guardians will also have access to the Progress Tracker on learn@nec, allowing them to see how their child is getting on and what they have completed.

NEC also offers a Pastoral Service to NEC students and their parents/guardians. Our expert pastoral officer and pastoral tutors can provide advice and guidance on a range of topics including study skills, timetabling, motivation, and dealing with stress and anxiety.

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