It’s the time of the year when students across the country are poring over books, trying to ensure they are prepared for their upcoming exams.

You might be worried about the fact that the exams are just around the corner and you haven’t done enough revision so far.

But don’t panic: it’s never too late to start revising!

These tips from our Student Support Team will ensure your revision starts out on the right foot.

  1. Get a good overview of the course content and the topics which are required for your exams. A good start is looking at your subject syllabus and working your way through the content.
  2. Draw up a revision timetable for the weeks before the exams.
  3. If you engage with your learning materials in an active way, you will find it easier to remember the content. Use different ways/senses to study:
    => Read the material out loud
    => Learning with flash cards
    => Discuss the course content with family and friends and have them quiz you
    => Use a bit of colour and imagery, drawing colourful learning maps/sheets will help you to memorise facts.
  4. Don’t look at your materials or notes just once. The more often you look at them, the more you will remember.
  5. Find a quiet and suitable study environment. Make sure to find a place where you can be uninterrupted for a few hours. The best places are your room or a library.
  6. Exercise… yes, you read it right, exercise! Physical activity increases your heart rate, which ensures that your brain gets more oxygen. This increases productivity whilst reducing tiredness and stress.
  7. Do plenty of past papers and revision guides. It is very helpful to familiarise yourself with exam questions and exam techniques.
  8. Make summary notes, but don’t spend a lot of time making your notes look pretty instead of learning.
  9. Don’t just read your notes, rewrite them from memory. This will help you memorise the information and highlight where you need to do more work.
  10. Reward yourself and think positive! At the end of the day, it’s not all about studying. You need to make sure to give yourself breaks in between the study time. Why not spend some time with your friends after you’ve managed to hit some of your study goals and had a very productive day.

Remember, if you have any questions or need any guidance while preparing for your exams, please feel free to get in touch with your tutor or the Student Support Team.

We can arrange for your tutor to mark a past paper for you for £25 for one paper, £45 for two and £60 for three. Your tutor will mark and send you feedback on your exam paper to help you focus your revision efforts.

You might also want to add a tutorial to discuss your results with your tutor. There would be a cost of £40 for this and is the ideal solution if there is a particular area you need to focus on.

If you would like to arrange either of these services, please get in touch with us on 0800 389 2839 and we will be happy to discuss.

In the meanwhile… keep your head up, relax and best of luck from everyone at NEC for your exams!

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