Learning never stops. It’s not a race, not a sprint, not even a marathon, but a lifelong journey Thursday, 22 August 2019

I first started homeschooling because I found my grades and morale slipping in mainstream school.

This, however, did not mean I hated learning. On the contrary, I loved learning and the extra curricular school activities such as debate and choir, but the school environment and people in it really put me off learning. I was on a constant path to burnout every day which negatively affected my mental health.

“I have been studying with NEC for about two years now and it is the best decision I have ever made.”

I could plan my own hours and spend more time doing things I enjoyed like my sports and hobbies. I even got a year long internship at a bakery and managed to fit in time for work and fitness a few times a week.

My perception is that people on the outside think: “oh you get lots of free time and sleep then,” or “it’s easier than normal school.” I have to admit that I thought this for a while too but boy was I wrong. 

When you aren’t being spoon-fed information it’s down to you to maintain your grades and believe me it’s hard. 

I used the Young Learners Service and got a tutor with NEC. They were very helpful and answered my questions when I got stuck. Over time I became less dependent as with experience I made my daily study timetable more rigid, setting aside six hours a day minimum to study for my five GCSE subjects. 

I have developed my own system of study and revision which maximises my time. I actually enjoyed colour coding material and writing oodles of notes. I also used a study tracker to be more productive and importantly slot in study breaks. Reading mark schemes further prepared me for exams.

With all this exciting stuff happening in my life, I also made sure to create a steady sleep and wake routine.

As such self-study has been a blessing in disguise. I really look forward to going back into mainstream school because I now feel like I have the discipline and mental strength to complete schooling more than I ever did before. I now have A levels to look forward to.

“Self study also made me realise that learning never stops. It’s not a race, not a sprint, not even a marathon, but a lifelong journey and you need to pace yourself.”

The path isn’t necessarily linear. You’ll have to sprint sometimes, maybe near exam season, and you can walk when you need a breather.

I look forward to getting my results this summer because I know I have put in the hours. I hope to achieve some A’s and I’m glad I pushed myself to take Higher Maths instead of Foundation.

I hope anyone out there who wants to take homeschooling as their learning option has a fantastic experience like me.

Natalia – GCSE Maths, English Language & Literature, Combined Science and History student.


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