Can I study astronomy at home?

Yes! From the Lyrid meteor shower to the flyovers of Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites, astronomical phenomena have been a pleasant distraction during this unprecedented time. Whether you have a garden, a small yard, or even a balcony, if you can see the night sky, you can study astronomy from home.

What topics will I study on the GCSE Astronomy course?

Our GCSE Astronomy course starts off with a section on our own planet before launching you into the wider solar system and the stars beyond. A detailed list of course topics can be found on the course page:

I’m looking to study astronomy at university. Do I need GCSE Astronomy?

For degree level courses in astronomy, most universities require GCSEs in maths, English and sciences and then A levels in maths and physics. However, GCSE Astronomy can provide you with a useful background in the subject and may be the point of difference on your student record. To find out more about becoming an astronomer, visit the UCAS career ideas website:

I’m not looking to study astronomy at university but I’m interested in space. Should I take GCSE Astronomy?

GCSE Astronomy can provide you with valuable skills that are transferable to other subject areas and career paths. As well as bridging the gap between physics, chemistry, computer science, engineering and maths, GCSE Astronomy can teach you key observational skills, patience and an understanding of the wider universe. These skills will be useful in many other careers including law, medicine, history and art.

Do I need any specialist equipment to study GCSE Astronomy?

No! That’s the beauty of studying astronomy online; this highly interactive course gives you all of the information you need without the need for additional textbooks or equipment. 

What’s stopping you?

Enrol now with NEC using discount code ‘NEC450’ to get £45 off the price of your course. Offer expires 31st May.

For information on what you will be able to see in the night sky over the coming months, read this great article.

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