Studying A level History of Art as a teacher to deepen knowledge and grow confidence Friday, 16 October 2020

Daisy is a newly qualified Arts and Design secondary school teacher and she is studying the new A level History of Art with NEC to help her become a more confident teacher.

Daisy has completed a BA, MA and PGCE in the creative arts at the University of Bristol. Daisy noticed, during the course of her PGCE, that she was less confident in art history, but was very interested in finding out more and developing her knowledge.  

Daisy hopes that completing the A level course will strengthen her teaching skills in art history and theory, which will help her own students improve their writing and contextual analysis of art. Daisy will also be an inspiration for her school students, promoting art history as an option for higher education.

Daisy, like many people, was unable to complete her planned training placement in a school because schools were closed in the national lockdown. She decided to take the opportunity to expand her contextual knowledge by studying the A level History of Art course with NEC. Daisy was attracted to the detailed and diverse topics covered by the A level and felt that the independence offered by online distance learning would suit her well.

“I am 100% happy with the service from NEC.”

Daisy has been particularly impressed with the level of support offered by NEC. Daisy has achieved the confidence boost she wanted with the help of both her encouraging tutor and the online community on our learning platform.

“Being part of a community of people, who are just as enthusiastic as myself towards my chosen subject, has been comforting and having a supportive tutor, who I know is there for me, has helped build my confidence both with subject knowledge and personally.”

NEC designs its courses and services with the students at the centre and it is success stories, like Daisy’s, that make it all worthwhile. Online distance learning is a totally new experience for many of our students and for Daisy, this was her first time. We do everything we can to help our students adjust to studying independently. With the help of her tutor and our Student Support Team, Daisy is flourishing.

“Ask for help if you need it. It can be hard when you are working on your own but the staff and tutors are supportive and always happy to help.”

Daisy has plans to eventually complete a doctorate degree and we hope that her A level with NEC will equip her with invaluable skills to achieve that.  

“I feel that completing further education in a writing-based course will help me with my next steps towards a PhD.”

From all of us at NEC, we wish to congratulate Daisy for recently completing her teaching qualification and wish her all the best in the rest of her A level. 

Want to learn more about our A level History of Art course?

Our A level History of Art course was developed in partnership with the Association for Art History. It opens up the important subject to a wider range of students. Studying art history develops crucial analytical, research and methodological skills and NEC is proud to offer the opportunity to both individual students and art teachers, like Daisy, who can share their new skills with schools. 

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