You don’t have to have a career in mind to pursue your interests.

Nikki was working full-time and had already achieved 10 GCSEs, 4 A levels and a maths degree when she decided to enrol with NEC. Nikki says that it’s her love of history that brought her back into education. 

“My study is completely separate from work, in fact it is my hobby. I have had a love for history for many years and decided about four years ago that it was time to pursue it more seriously […] I really wanted to progress to a structured and more broad study of the subject, and I wanted qualifications to show for the time and effort that I was prepared to put in.”

Is it possible to balance work and study?

Nikki managed her time effectively, but having worked full-time and studied in the evenings, she recognises there are difficulties which can be off putting to many full-time workers considering distance learning. She advises:

“I think the most important thing is to devise a plan for study and stick to it – it makes it so much easier. Work out what you can realistically do each day…Don’t try to take on too much at one time.”

Nikki’s first experience of distance learning was iGCSE History before going on to complete A level History, both with NEC. Nikki chose NEC over other distance learning providers as she felt the syllabus was more aligned with her interests:

 “The course materials are excellent, and this is one criteria that I believe must be met if a student is to succeed at distance learning.”

Where can A level History take you?

Since completing A level History, Nikki has decided to dedicate herself to full-time study, currently working towards an undergraduate degree in history. At the same time she has been studying NEC’s Latin: A Course for Beginners to fulfill a dream of studying a classical language and she hopes to progress to postgraduate study after graduation, a plan that will help her to achieve her life long goal of writing a piece of historical research.

Nikki does also hint at a possible return to studying with NEC again:

“I have moved on to degree level now but if I had not done so I would likely have done an A level English Literature with NEC. I have found the course material excellent and the tutor support good for both courses I have done, so I would certainly go back.”

Nikki demonstrates that anyone of any age and stage of life can pursue their dreams and academic interests.

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