One common misperception is that distance learning students teach themselves, simply watching videos online. However, our courses, whilst flexible in the time that you can study them in, include assignments and tutor feedback on all work. This means that students do not simply teach themselves but are guided throughout their courses.

“My daughter recently completed A Level Classical Civilisation with NEC. The course is structured so that students can complete it at their own pace and she found all the resources clear. I was impressed by the quality of feedback she received from her tutor (I am a teacher). The feedback enabled her to make progress. She says that there was a lot more support available from her tutor that she didn’t make use of – but she was glad it was there. I was also very happy with the administration of the course and exam. Responses to queries are reasonably quick and clear. They communicated regularly through the course. This is really sound distance learning and I am very happy with it.” – Kate (Trustpilot) 

Whilst our distance learning students are fully supported throughout their courses, many also find that the level of independence and flexibility afforded to them also helps to teach new skills: 

“I found that distance learning teaches you plenty of valuable skills which can be transferable into a variety of things, in particular for me, university. Over the past year I have definitely learnt the importance of time management and remaining motivated […]. NEC are great at helping you as on your student dashboard there are dates set out for you to follow and complete certain topics and assignments […]. If I ever did have any problems or queries though, my tutors were always more than happy to help and go the extra mile.” Kayleigh 

“I am eternally grateful to NEC for a course that taught me research skills and how to study. I am an avid believer in distance learning and use all these skills to support my work as a distance learning writer/tutor, originally with the Open College of the Arts and currently with Aberystwyth University.” Jacqueline  

“The course gives me just the right amount of flexibility whilst having some structure. I would recommend the NEC to anyone, it is amazing and great value. So glad I took the chance and enrolled!” – Hannah (Trustpilot) 

Another common misperception of distance learning is that online courses are not tailored to individual students’ needs. However, due to the support of our expert tutors all NEC students are supported to learn in a way that suits them best and are encouraged to reach out for advice and direction as they need it. 

This was my first distance learning course and I would use them again or recommend… My tutor was of a very high level and she supported me throughout, even with small areas of concern…If you want to really understand your subject, even from scratch, this online learning is for you, superb.” – Helen (Trustpilot)

Our courses, in particular the Structured Fast Track A levels which are taught as a cohort, are structured so that students can interact with each other and use forums to communicate, also combatting the myth that distance learning is not a sociable way of learning. 

“I was really happy studying at NEC, my learning experience was very positive… There were some fascinating discussions in the course discussion forums that were really interesting to me. I am really interested in the subjects that I have studied, and I hope I will continue studying them at university.”Timofei  

In addition to this, many students are involved in other activities or work alongside their studies, proving that distance learning is adaptable to many different lifestyles. Some NEC students choose to use our courses for homeschooling, whilst others study while working full time or part time, with different aims such as a career change or going to university. What many students come away from distance learning with is a love for learning and a desire to enjoy lifelong learning. 

I have been studying with NEC for about two years now and it is the best decision I have ever made…Self study also made me realise that learning never stops. It’s not a race, not a sprint, not even a marathon, but a lifelong journey and you need to pace yourself.  The path isn’t necessarily linear. You’ll have to sprint sometimes, maybe near exam season, and you can walk when you need a breather.” – Natalia

I would say to go for it. I found distance learning with NEC to be an ideal way to study and gain the knowledge needed to make the transition into a new career path.” – Darius

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