Online A levels with NEC leads to BSc Political Science at University of Amsterdam Thursday, 18 November 2021

Mina started the International Baccalaureate but found that it didn’t afford her a lot of subject choice. Fitting the study schedule around her social media job, not to mention having some free time, was difficult and she felt the subject choices limited her options for university.

Mina wanted to be more independent and study subjects she was interested in. After looking for alternatives, she came across the National Extension College (NEC) and was impressed by the good reviews. She enrolled on our A level Politics, A level Maths and A level Economics courses.

“Flexibility was amazing as I could create my own schedule.”

With a busy work schedule doing social media management for several brands, as well as running her own Instagram account with over 135,000 followers. Her knowledge of economics learned on her A level course helped when it came to running her own business. 

Now studying BSc Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, Mina said that she may return to NEC in the future:

“[…] after I finish with my studies and am in the mood for learning something new! NEC is very flexible so it would be a great experience.”

Any words of advice?

“Make your own schedule and make sure to be consistent. See how many pages you need to cover until the deadline (if you are working towards going to university or doing A Levels). Don’t forget to take breaks and make time for social life as well since it can get lonely sometimes!”

Mina took control of her own education and, with the National Extension College, found a flexible solution that fit around her busy lifestyle.

If you work full-time, have childcare responsibilities or other education commitments, NEC’s online courses offer quality course materials, tutor-marked feedback and no set schedule to ensure the best chance of success.


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