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It’s the beginning of a new year and time to start work on your New Year’s resolution.

So, have you decided to stop doing something, or start doing something?

Embarking on something new isn’t always easy. It can feel daunting to tread new ground, particularly if your end goal is life-changing. This year we hope to inspire you to take those first steps, and start something new.

Here are our top-tips for achieving your New Year’s resolution:

Make it personal

Make a New Year’s plan, not a New Year’s resolution. Think beyond this year and to the future. Where do you want to be later down the road, and what is the first step on that journey? Don’t run with the crowd and go with the usual resolutions. Instead, think about what you really want out of life and focus on how much better life will be for you, and those around you, when you achieve your goal.

Our range of Career Tracks guides can be beneficial in formulating plans for achieving long-term goals.

Seek advice

When formulating your plan, it’s often a good idea to do some research and seek reliable advice, so you have a good idea of what is achievable. You wouldn’t just book your spot in a marathon without knowing the distance you have to run. Seeking expert advice allows flexibility in your plan. You may not complete the marathon this year, but you may the year after.

At NEC our expert Student Recruitment Team can help you with queries and advice before enrolling. So you know that when you enrol, you will be on the right course for you.

No time-limit

Aim for win-win resolutions – experiences that are still worthwhile whether you achieve them in your own fixed timescale or not. With an NEC course you can take a break and pick up where you left off, and study when it suits you. It’s all about setting achievable, incremental targets and sticking to them. If the final stretch begins to look daunting, and you are not as far along the course as you had hoped when you first started, you have still achieved a huge amount, learnt something new, and much closer to achieving your ultimate goal. As well as the opportunity to extend your study, we also offer a reassuring exam pass guarantee, where we will support you if you don’t pass the first time.


Having the right support is incredibly important. Whether it’s a loved one reminding you of how well you are doing, or a mentor keeping you on the right track. It’s extremely beneficial for your motivation and progression; and it will make you feel good.


No matter how ambitious your resolution is, every step closer to your goal is an achievement in itself – no matter how small. Remember to reward yourself with each milestone and use that sense of achievement as motivation to complete your next goal!

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