Vita gained an offer from the University of Oxford after gaining an A level online with NEC Sunday, 16 January 2022

Motivated by her desire to study chemistry at undergraduate level, Vita realised that she would need to take A level Maths, particularly if she wanted to apply to a top university such as the University of Oxford or Imperial College London. Despite enjoying her time at school and leaving with 11 GCSEs and the International Baccalaureate Diploma, she didn’t study A level Maths.

“When I was looking for a distance learning provider, I wanted somewhere that offered a mix of flexibility and independence, whilst also providing academic support.”

Studying A level Maths with NEC has facilitated her application to these universities to study the course she is most interested in. Working part-time in a school, Vita needed the flexibility to study in the afternoons and evenings.

“The course materials are consistently clear and well-explained, whilst also being thorough and giving you a good grounding in the topic. I have found the support from the community through the course discussion forum a real help, as any questions I may have are usually answered within 1 day of posting.”

As well as tutor-marked assignments spread throughout the A level Maths course, students can benefit from access to NEC’s learning community. Post a question about something course specific or online learning more generally, and our community of students can jump in with answers, discussions and advice.

“If in the future I found myself needing, or wanting, to do another course, I would definitely choose NEC again because my experience has been so positive.”

We often ask students if they have any advice for future students. Vita said:

“It can often seem quite a daunting task, but trust in yourself! If you put the hours in, you will see the results. The support provided by your tutor and peers on the course is excellent, and you can always rely on them if you get stuck or have any questions.”

We were delighted to hear that Vita received an offer to study Chemistry at Oxford, which she stated “would not have been possible without her taking A level Maths with NEC”.

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