Right now, as many of us are stuck at home and social distancing, we are all looking for ways to use the time well – to improve our health, to complete all those jobs that have been on the to-do list for ages or try something new and improve our minds. 

We have seen a real up-take in students enrolling on online courses with NEC,  so for those of you who are contemplating  taking up a course to learn a new skill or pursue a new career during these unprecedented times, you may be wondering what other people have chosen to study. NEC has been providing distance learning courses for 57 years and we are amazed by the amount of people who have decided to seize the day and follow their passions.*

Am I too old or too young to be studying online?

No! Our ethos is that everyone, no matter your age, can pursue an education. The number of students over 45 that have enrolled is almost three times what we experienced in the same period last year. One of the great things about studying online is that you are not the oldest or even the youngest student in class, you are in your own class of one. Whether prompted by being furloughed, having more time free in the evenings for study, or wanting to follow their passions, it is inspiring to see that people are turning to education during this time.

I don’t know where to start! What are other people studying at the moment?

Our most popular courses at the moment are as follows: 

  1. GCSE Maths
  2. A level Maths
  3. A level Biology
  4. A level Chemistry
  5. A level History of Art
  6. IGCSE Biology
  7. A level Psychology
  8. A level Physics
  9. GCSE English Language
  10. IGCSE Spanish

The top 4 largely echo our most popular courses under normal circumstances. However, we are seeing more and more people following their passions for art history, psychology and languages. Despite the closure of museums and galleries all over the world, A level History of Art is proving a popular choice among those students who are looking to study purely for fun. The popularity of GCSE Maths implies a positive step towards people improving their CVs with a qualification that is often vital to retraining and future career plans.

I’m new to distance learning. Where do I start?

If you are new to studying online, you will find our Resources Webstore a good place to start.  With learning resources specifically designed to support independent learning and available for free until 31st May, they are proving to be highly useful to both NEC and non-NEC students during this time.

  1. How to Study Effectively
  2. How to Write Essays
  3. How to Learn Maths
  4. How to Succeed as an Independent Learner
  5. How to Succeed in Exams and Assessments
  6. Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
  7. How to Learn a Language
  8. Key Skills in Original Writing
  9. How to Write Reports
  10. How to Succeed as an Independent Learner – Part 1: Planning your Learning

It is hugely inspiring, that in stressful times people are taking the opportunity to improve their skills and learn something new. If you would like to join the hundreds of people who have downloaded these amazing resources, visit our resources store and enter code ‘NECFREERESOURCES’ at the checkout. Learn more here.

What’s stopping you?

Ready to dive right in? Enrol on courses online or contact our Course Advice Team to talk through your options. If you enrol before the end of May, you can also take advantage of our price reduction, giving you £45 off GCSEs and A levels.

*Data taken from 19th March (when the free resources offer began) to 29th April 2020.

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