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Deployment learning

Mark Ward

English language student Mark Ward chose to study with NEC due to the very specific demands placed upon him by his job: serviceman with the Royal Air Force.

Mark studied for an English language A level while deployed in various European countries and Afghanistan – a situation in which learning using conventional classroom-based methods would have been impossible.

“The thing I enjoyed most about studying was that it gave me something constructive to do when I had downtime in Afghanistan, especially over the Christmas period,” he said.  “It also helped me escape the mayhem, as well as making the time fly by.”

NEC’s home study courses are designed to be completed at a pace that suits the learner. With 18 months’ support on all courses, studying can be done at a rate that suits the student, who might have a regular study schedule or only be able to get some work done when their other commitments allow.

The flexible nature of NEC’s distance learning A level English language course was perfect for Mark, who had to juggle the demands of his duties with the studying necessary to obtain an A level. The fact that he was able to attain an excellent grade B suggests he struck the right balance. He plans to do some more studying in future, but before then he’s planning on taking some time out.

“I plan to take a break from serious study now to allow me to do voluntary work and take some time out for enjoying my hobbies,” he said. “I am doing a casual course in Russian at present. In time I do hope to study English at degree level but I study more for the course content and enjoyment rather than to further my career.”

Mark revealed he was “exceptionally happy” with the service he received from NEC, and said he wouldn’t hesitate to consider learning with the College again.

“I would gladly do another course with NEC,” he said, “my tutor was very helpful and understanding, and I felt that she did her utmost to cater for my needs – such as sending assignments and coursework via email when I was in Afghanistan – as well as granting me a two-week extension when I was struggling to juggle the fast tempo of operations and deadlines for my course.”

Mark’s a perfect example of how home learning – or in his case deployment learning – is a fantastic way to continue to improve your education while living a busy and demanding life. Thanks to NEC’s flexibility and support, and Mark’s hard work, he achieved the result he was looking for.